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Windows 10 is experiencing sound problems after an update

Windows 10 is experiencing sound problems after an update

As much as Windows 10 updates offer improvements, they also create problems. With the current update, audio playback is sometimes disabled.

The basics are in brief

  • Users are currently complaining about problems with sound reproduction in Windows 10.
  • Reports speak of a squeak when playing different types of content.
  • Microsoft has confirmed the issue with the latest update.

In addition to the improvements, the current May Update of Windows 10 also brings a strange problem with it. Currently, complaints of squeaking or high-frequency sounds are increasing for no apparent reason. The The problem was really From Microsoft It has been identified and confirmed.

What to do if there is strange noise in Windows 10?

Who is currently aware of the disturbing sounds from the computer Annoyed, maybe affected by said problem. This is a problem playing content with Dolby Digital 5.1 as a temporary solution, the Redmond-based company now suggests switching from Dolby to stereo at the corresponding output.

Instead, it is the “KB5000842” patch that causes problems Manually uninstalled. Give Microsoft Already confirmed the problem, the update with the corresponding repair should be in the works.

As the latest example shows, Windows 10 updates are always worth the wait for a bit. Often such complications do not appear until after the patch is released. with who Installation takes some timeThis can usually be easily worked around.

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