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Will the Apple Watch become a chameleon?

Will the Apple Watch become a chameleon?

August 24, 2023 –
Using light sensors, the Apple Watch can scan the wearer and adjust the color over and over again. At least that is what a patent issued in the USA suggests.

A patent issued by the US Patent Office suggests that Apple may be experimenting with color-customizable Apple Watches. this He writes “Apple Insider” in a report. In this patent, the Cupertino-based manufacturer describes how light sensors at the bottom of the screen can measure and determine the color of external objects. In detail, the measurement works by irradiating red, green, and blue (RGB) light in the direction of the object whose color is to be determined. The light sensor then recognizes the scanned color based on the reflection. In plain English, this means that the smartwatch will be able to recognize the color of the clothes being worn, for example.

However, getting to know the color is only the first part. In order to automatically adapt to the user every day, the watch can adopt the recognized color as the background of the watch face. Thus, Apple could announce a watch that is highly customizable and perfectly adapts to the wearer’s appearance. While the patent means that the technology works, it is just an indication that the patented technology could be used in this form in future Apple Watches. An official statement from Apple is not available. (adc)