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All chats and photos can be deleted

All chats and photos can be deleted

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Whatsapp regularly introduces new features. But not all application rules should be known. What you need to know about the 120-day period.

Kassel – Whatsapp is one of the most popular messengers. The company recently announced a new feature. The smartphone is increasingly dominating everyday life, a Postbank study found. According to this, users spend an average of 20.2 hours per week on the Internet using their mobile phones.

If you prefer to reduce the time you spend in front of the screen, you should not be away from Whatsapp for a long time. Because after a certain period of time photos and chats can be deleted from the messenger.

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Inactive on WhatsApp: The account with photos and chats will be deleted after 120 days

At least that’s what a look at Whatsapp’s guidelines reveal. Inactive accounts will be deleted after a period of time. Users are not forewarned, the instant messaging service says on its site privacy policy.

“To maintain security, limit data retention and ensure user privacy, WhatsApp accounts are usually deleted after 120 days of inactivity,” it said. This means: users have not been connected to the app for 120 days.

120-day limit on Whatsapp: Messenger checks activity every 30 days

Whatsapp checks every 30 days if the account is active or inactive. If the account remains inactive for 120 days or more, it will be deleted. But what is the use of this function? The company wants to protect the privacy of users.

Anyone who has been inactive on Whatsapp for 120 days or more should consider deleting their account. © Ivana Kocek / Imago

If users change their phone number, they will also set up a new Whatsapp account. The old number can be assigned to another person by the network operator after a certain period of time. WhatsApp deletes the account so that the new owner cannot access all the data, photos, and chats of the previous user. Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg recently introduced a feature to make Whatsapp more secure.

Whatsapp Deadline: This is how your account stays active

All you need to stay active is an internet connection. The company indicated that “if the user has the WhatsApp application on his device, but there is no Internet connection, then the account is considered inactive.” If the Whatsapp account is deleted, the content stored locally will be preserved until the application is uninstalled from the device.

However, you don’t have to worry about your data being deleted if you use it regularly. Whatsapp sets a very generous deadline of 120 days. Accordingly, app users can stay away for a few days or weeks without losing their data. Whatsapp’s new “Holiday Mode” can help you really enjoy the holiday. WhatsApp is banned in some countries (cheese)