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Who will win?: Streller's exciting scale for the round of 16 in the first division

Who will win?: Streller's exciting scale for the round of 16 in the first division

Bayern and Paris Saint-Germain face the ultimate challenge – the Streller Barometer in the round of 16


Blue Sports expert Marco Streller takes a closer look at the first four rounds of 16 matches and says where they are most likely to smell an upset.

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  • The first round of the Champions League round of 16 is scheduled for Tuesday: Copenhagen hosts Manchester City and Real Madrid visits RB Leipzig.
  • Paris Saint-Germain vs Real Sociedad and Lazio Roma vs Bayern Munich follow on Wednesday.
  • How does Marco Streller see the meetings?

Copenhagen vs Manchester City

“It's very cool that a team like Copenhagen from a smaller league can get through the group stage,” says Marco Streller. But he sees little ground for the Danes against the defending champion. “I'm a fan of football fairy tales, but I'm also a realist. “For me, it is very clear that Manchester City will win.” Streller believes Copenhagen have a 1% chance of winning.

Leipzig vs Real Madrid

RB Leipzig have had a good season in the Champions League so far and have also started the Bundesliga season well. But now they are “no longer at the same level.” Streller attributes this to a lack of breadth in the team. “And for me, Real Madrid, like Manchester City, is one of the absolute favorites to win.” Streller forecast: 80 to 20 for the riyal.

Paris Saint-Germain vs Real Sociedad

“It sounds pretty straightforward on paper,” Streller says. Paris Saint-Germain prevailed in a very difficult group, but the blue sports expert does not believe that the Parisians are the most likely candidates to win the title. Real Sociedad should not be underestimated. “They played some very good games. I was very impressed with the way they played. However, Paris Saint-Germain is the favorite. But for me, it is not as clear as it seems on paper.” He believes there is a 40 percent chance of a Spanish victory.

Lazio Roma vs Bayern Munich

“Honestly, if you had asked me this question two or three months ago, I would have said it would be an obvious thing for Bayern,” Streller said. Now he was no longer so sure: “That's why I'm saying here too: 60 to 40 for Bavaria.”

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