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National League Playoffs – The Final Surge Promises Excitement: Playoffs, Playoffs, or End of Season?  – Sports

National League Playoffs – The Final Surge Promises Excitement: Playoffs, Playoffs, or End of Season? – Sports


Qualification for the National League enters the decisive stage. Here's an overview of the final race.


Don't play against each other anymore

However, both Davos and Logano have their sights set on sixth place and thus direct participation in the qualifiers.

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After the Natty holiday, the National League will resume operations on Tuesday. There are only two teams in green in the current National League table: ZSC Lions and Freiburg have the playoff ticket in their pockets. While this may be a mere formality for others, others find themselves in a treacherous starting position.

As a reminder: The first 6 teams qualify directly to the quarter-finals of the qualifiers. The teams in positions 7 to 10 play in a play-off system for the last two places of the qualifiers, with two opportunities for the seventh and eighth match: the first in a direct duel, then the loser against the winner of the 9th versus 10th duel. The situation before the final surge is as follows:

National league table.



  • 3. EV Zug (84 points / 8 excellent matches): Mathematically, the qualifiers have not yet been determined, but there is no danger from behind.
  • 4. Lausanne (73 points / 8 matches): Reserve seventh place: 8 points. Although the Vaudois have recently lost 3 in a row, the cushion should be enough for the top 6.
  • 5. Bern (73 points / 7 matches): SCB are in a similar position to Lausanne, playing their best qualifying match in a long time under Jossi Tabula. The rest of the program is not without its opponents, including the ZSC Lions, Zug and Freiburg.
  • 6. Logano (71 points / 6 matches): The Ticino team is in the ejection seat in the battle for a direct place in the playoffs. The situation is also dangerous because Logano has 3 more matches in his account than his chaser, Davos.
  • 7. Davos (65 points / 9 matches): Among the playoff candidates, the Grisons still have the most games to play. The opponent is called Ajoie twice. However, Davos are yet to score any points against the bottom team this season.
  • 8. Geneva-Servette (65 points/8 matches): The situation is serious for the champions, who on the one hand aim to reach the top six, but on the other hand they may also lose eighth place, which is important to play. In the midst of the final playoff surge, Geneva is scheduled to play the Champions League Hockey League final on February 20.
  • 9. Biel (64 points / 8 matches): The New Zealand team has settled down after a miserable start to the season. Defending the playing field should not be a problem, perhaps there is still something possible in front.
  • 10. Embry Biotta (62 points / 8 games): The Leventiners will have to defend their playing spot against the SCL Tigers. With two games more than Emmental, this should be possible.

Who will go on vacation right away?

National league table



While teams in positions 1 to 10 have the opportunity to extend their season, positions 11 and 12 mean the end of the season. Although they have SCL Tigers They have not given up hope of playing yet, and jumping to 10th place will be very difficult given the rest of the program with games against Freiburg, Lugano, Zug or ZSC.

to Rapperswil-Jona Lakers After a disappointing season, there can only be one goal: avoid the playoffs and go on vacation. He is three points ahead of him EHC Kloten. The live duel on February 29 could be decided.

I come They will also be bottom of the table in the third season after promotion. The Jurassicians can hope that Olten and Visp do not win the Swiss League playoffs, and that qualifying for the league is no longer necessary.