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WhatsApp with a new design: tabs slide down

WhatsApp with a new design: tabs slide down

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WhatsApp is being rebuilt. The main menu of the messenger moves to a different position. This innovation is likely to confuse many users. But conversion also brings advantages.

Kassel – The big difference in the appearance of the previous app is that the main menu WhatsApp Go to the bottom of the screen. According to a report from the online technology portal, there is now To find individual tabs. Chats, News, Communities, and Calls are all easily accessible with your thumb. Although users can no longer switch between tabs using a swipe gesture, accessing the tabs at the bottom is now much easier.

WhatsApp navigation bar slides to the bottom: Tabs now have icons too

The messaging service of the American company Meta (formerly Facebook) is said to have announced the new update for Android devices months ago. According to the report, several tests and leaks have been conducted so far. Now the new version has been released. The strange thing is that it is supposed to happen from one minute to the next, at least the report's author, Denny Fisher, is surprised. “For me, it just popped up from one minute to the next.”

Suddenly WhatsApp looks completely different: the update brings a new design to users. The navigation bar then slides down to the edge of the screen. (Symbol) © IMAGO/xPixieMex

This means that the messenger adapts the Android version to the iOS application. Here the navigation bar has been at the bottom of the screen for a long time. In addition to the text for individual tabs, icons are now also defined. The change is part of a larger redesign However, the change does not yet apply to all devices. Users should not be surprised if their navigation bar has not moved to the bottom yet.

WhatsApp innovation: A new design creates space for filters

Instead of the navigation bar at the top of the screen, filters should be found at the top of the chat list in the future. For example, users can view group chats in list and reports tracking. At the very least the filters should be high WABetaInfo Also available in the iOS app at the top of the chat menu.

The messaging service regularly reviews its appearance. The design can now be changed between blue, red, yellow, purple, and the well-known green WhatsApp color. This means that users can give the news service a more individual look.

Previously, WhatsApp users could only send messages to others if they were also using Messenger. With the entry into force of the Charter Digital Markets Law (DMA) on March 7 this year, but that is now set to change. WhatsApp users can then also chat with Telegram and Signal. (six)