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Werner SC makes use of local space

Werner SC makes use of local space

Jannik Prinz and WSC won again at home. © Joanna Winning


Werner SC has clearly been playing a strong season. Werner’s home team strength played a big role again this weekend.

It’s an obvious stat: if you take a look at the home table in Landesliga 4, you’ll find Werner SC at the top of the table. However, in the far table, Werner occupies only eleventh place. The special force at home was also noticeable on Sunday.

Against SV Dorsten-Hardt, there was a clear and deserved 3-1 win for Werner. Head coach Lars Muller’s side trailed by 0:1 after five minutes. Especially in a game like this, there are many factors that underpin the strength of the house.

For one thing, it’s obvious: grass. Even Werner themselves do not feel comfortable on their own artificial turf, which differs from most other clubs due to his ability to play for hockey clubs. But: WSC has learned to live with and play on grass. On the other hand, other teams traditionally struggle on the track at Lindert Sports Centre.

But this is not Werner’s only strength when playing at home. In her own niche, Werner seems to develop a special ambition. The team was often able to shoot matches and show full fighting spirit – like on Sunday against Dorsten-Hardt.

This home power will also benefit Werner SC all season long.