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‘Wedding at First Sight’ couple stuck in Africa after filming

‘Wedding at First Sight’ couple stuck in Africa after filming

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For married couple Marina and Robert in “Wedding at First Sight,” their honeymoon ends in shock. The two cannot return to Germany and are stuck in Namibia.

WINDHOEK, Namibia – This may not have been how “Wedding at First Sight” participants Marina (28) and Robert (35) envisioned the start of their life together. What TV viewers don’t see: When the two want to return home from their honeymoon in Namibia, their flights are canceled shortly before. It is not clear to the couple what to do next.

‘We were shocked at first’: ‘Wedding at first sight’ couple stuck

Since Marina and Robert’s dilemma is no longer shown on television, the 28-year-old is now sharing her behind-the-scenes experiences and thoughts on Instagram. The couple only learned on the morning of their departure that they would not be returning to Germany that day. Robert’s wife wrote: “At first we were shocked because I had an important appointment the next day for the return flight and could not keep it.” However, Marina did not allow herself to be upset: “Then I resigned myself to the situation because I could not change anything anyway.”

“My feelings quickly turned to joy because Robert and I got to spend an extra day together. However, we had to pack our bags because we were back in Windhoek to be closer to the airport. We got a room and then relaxed for a while before going out to dinner with the crew in the evening.writes the “Wedding at First Sight” candidate in her Instagram post.

These “Wedding at First Sight” couples are still together

During the ten years of “Wedding at First Sight,” the number of breakups was much greater than the number of happy relationships. But a few couples are still together.

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Bliss in misfortune in “Wedding at First Sight”

It’s no coincidence that many wedding vows say: On good days and bad. The newlyweds made the most of their time. “The next day, Robert and I were allowed to spend the morning as we wanted. First we had a good breakfast and then we went for a walk in the mall. After we returned, we packed the rest of our luggage and then we all went to the airport together. We still had some time there before our plane left. We played cards together and had a lot of fun,” says Marina enthusiastically. all’s well That ends well!

Unlike the couples from Season 10, previous candidates Michaela, 35, and Oliver, 43, have already completed the trial. Did they find their happy ending? Now the “Wedding at First Sight” couple is talking about their future plans. Sources used:;