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Watch the embarrassing moment between Infantino and Macron live on TV

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to: Stephen Schmid

Gianni Infantino wants to bring Emmanuel Macron at his side on the way to the awards ceremony, but he’s cheating on the FIFA president live on TV.

Lucille – In fact, at the award ceremony after the finale, A.J World Cup 2022 It’s all about the teams, especially the winning ones Argentines Turn, but FIFA President Gianni Infantino Maybe he wanted to send another sign out into the world. When he makes his way with several officials towards the platform set up on the pitch, he wants the French president Emmanuel Macron Bring him to his side. But in front of the cameras, he refuses and despises Infantino in front of the global audience. As reported by

Macron rejects Infantino’s outstretched hand

Shortly before the medal was presented after Argentina’s victory over France The referees made their way to the platform on the field. Among them is French President Emmanuel Macron, whose country has close political relations with Qatar. On his way out of the dressing room, he finished third behind Gianni Infantino and Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. But perhaps Infantino wanted to send a signal to the world and bring the French forward alongside him, and reached back.

Gianni Infantino wants Emmanuel Macron to step onto the court next to him. © Screenshot: ARD Sports Studio

However, the French president was not keen on Infantino’s offer and remained in place behind the prince. Whether he consciously wanted to evade exploitation or simply was disappointed in defeat From France – Regarding France Unknown prevalence.

Infantino is trying to save the day

Infantino, who probably didn’t expect his offer to be rejected, looked briefly stunned and then became aware of the cameras trained on what was going on. With a somewhat forced gesture that should appear casual, he wants to shrug it off, raising his hands and shrugging his shoulders.

Infantino is trying to downplay Macron's refusal.
Infantino is trying to downplay Macron’s refusal. © Screenshot: ARD Sports Studio

The scenes during the awarding of the medals speak against the fact that Macron was unaware of the symbolism. When honoring the defeated Frenchman, the chief conspicuously tries to give the players a warm hug and encourage them. He wants to send a message home himself: Look, I stand by our World Cup champions, even if they only end up second. On the other hand, a must for football fans who crave real feelings In the weeping interview with Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni The heart opened. Less enthusiastic Fans went wild because of the outfit Messi was given before handing over the trophy. (u)