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Chaos in Buenos Aires - Argentina's World Cup champions must be 'evacuated' by helicopter

Chaos in Buenos Aires – Argentina’s World Cup champions must be ‘evacuated’ by helicopter


World champions are celebrated by millions of fans – the show must be improvised. Finally there are infected fans.

State of emergency in Buenos Aires: According to the police, some five million fans of the world champions celebrated in the Argentine capital. Tuesday was declared a national holiday by the government – shortly thereafter there was great chaos.

The bus is barely moving

The open bus that read “Campeones Del Mundo” was driving at a brisk pace – there were turbulent scenes. Videos can be seen on social media showing fans trying to jump or board a bus from bridges. The safety of all participants did not appear to be guaranteed.

Superstar Lionel Messi’s team had to boycott their planned parade in the Argentine capital and instead were flown over the celebrating crowds in a helicopter. Government spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti announced via Twitter that the players would continue to be paraded by helicopter. Cerruti wrote, “Let’s continue to celebrate in peace and show them our love and admiration!”

Hours after the victory celebration ended, there were apparently clashes. Like the American news agency AP Citing local media, at least 8 people were injured. However, according to the information, these were isolated incidents when most of the people there were absent.

Originally, the Argentines wanted to drive the 30-kilometre route from the federation’s headquarters to the center of the Argentine capital. Countless fans have gathered at the obelisk, the capital’s 68-meter-high landmark, in anticipation of a huge party since morning. In the best of weather, they spent a long time waiting for their heroes by singing, dancing, and lighting fireworks.

World champions arrive home with a long delay

The favorite nation landed in their home country with a long delay at around 2:30am local time (6:30am CET), almost two days after winning the World Cup. Messi was the first player to get off the plane and present the World Cup to the fans, after which coach Lionel Scaloni left the plane. The plane was decorated with a picture of Messi and the slogan “One team, one country, one dream”.

The team ran across a red carpet towards a white double-decker bus. At first it was five kilometers to the association’s site in Ezeiza. According to official figures, a million fans stormed the streets of Greater Buenos Aires on Sunday after the final penalty kick in the victory over France.


No progress

For the Argentine world champion, the parade continued with a helicopter.

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