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Paul Skoruba and the American Dream

Paul Skoruba is approaching – a fighter with heart in the VfL and on Team USA in circuits and defense.

Born in Düsseldorf, raised in the Rhineland, but has American roots and an American passport: Paul Skoruba. The pivotal soccer player has now received a pre-Christmas present, flying to the World Handball Championship with Team USA in January. Skorupa on Christmas, His Dream and What He’s American About.

Lubeck. Singing together, a twinkling and twinkling Christmas tree, “We hope it’s so big, as always”, Christmas dinner – Paul Skoruba is already looking forward to Christmas Eve with the whole family. After Friday’s training, the 23-year-old set off for Dusseldorf, using the Christmas window opened up by manager David Roerig. On Sunday he should return north for the evening session. Because there is still an assignment for the second-tier handball team of VfL Lübeck-Schwartau at the end of the year. HC Empor Rostock comes to the Northern derby at Hansehalle on Monday (4pm).