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Volvo emulates the future of Tesla with its electric carسيارت

Volvo emulates the future of Tesla with its electric carسيارت

Volvo’s vision for electric cars of the future: The doors open in opposite directions to provide enough space for entry. Photo: Volvo

Volvo emulates the future of Tesla with its electric carسيارت

Volvo shows how to do this with a new study called ‘Recharging’ electric car the future. The concept illustrates what the design language of the next generation of Volvo electric cars will look like. In concept, the interior has been particularly revised.

By getting rid of the combustion engine, designers will have the opportunity, according to the manufacturer, to redefine the proportions of future cars. This new concept model is already emerging. The wheelbase and wheels are larger, while the rear and front overhang are shorter. This results in significantly more space inside, especially between the front seats.

The concept features a spacious interior that offers more space especially between the front seats. Photo: Volvo

The motto of the study was “less, but better”. Attempts were made to delete unnecessary elements and to increase aerodynamics.

The car is also equipped for self-driving. For this purpose, a LiDAR sensor is integrated above the windshield. This could record the car’s environment and play an important role in Volvo’s future autonomous driving technology. Volvo calls the headlights in the “Thor Hammer” design a distinctive design.

Future Volvo models will rely on its own platform and theoretically reach ranges from 900 to 1,000 km. Photo: Volvo

The interior is dominated by a 15-inch touch screen in a portrait format. This acts as a control for the entire infotainment system in the car. There are no longer any physical buttons. Thus, Volvo follows the design approach of Tesla. They tried to create the atmosphere of a Scandinavian living room inside, according to Volvo.

The company’s operating system, VolvoCars OS, is based on Android and should also be visually oriented. Photo: Volvo

When it comes to software, in the future Volvo will rely on an in-house development called VolvoCars OS, which is based on Android based on. In terms of software, you want to be more involved The Google We work together. They want to score points with regular updates to keep the system up to date.

In addition, the next generation of Volvo electric cars must be connected to smartphones at all times. This will also act as a switch, among other things. Various vehicle functions can also be affected via the app. For example, you can pre-heat or pre-condition the car from afar. Connection to personal devices in the apartment should be possible.

Volvo, which has been part of the Chinese car company Geely since 2010, like many other manufacturers, announced that it will soon stop offering combustion engines. By 2030 at the latest, the portfolio will consist only of electric vehicles.

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