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Victoria 3: In a time of change, the world of tomorrow is taking shape

The railway and the telegraph. Steamers and the birth of aviation. Recruitment, liberation and the women’s rights movement. The Victorian era is shaped by a world that changes with new technologies, new philosophies, and new ways of doing politics. This turbulent century comes to life in Victoria 3, the grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studio.

After years of societal inquiries and curiosity about the future of one of the publisher’s most popular series of games, Victoria 3 is instantly one of the most anticipated grand strategy games in Paradox history. Victoria 3 is a social simulation game set at a time of great change. Players notice the needs and desires of the national population, as each group has its own political and material preferences. Conservative factions can oppose political reform as an increasing number of merchants and intellectuals push for a greater role in governing the nation. Players trade in a wide range of goods on a global scale to ensure that needs are met in their country, because when people are hungry and destitute, revolution threatens.

Victoria 3’s contents at a glance:

  • In-depth community simulation: Cultural, economic, and ideological currents compete for power and resources in one of the most detailed worlds of anachronism.
  • Care rule: Players feed, train, and prepare their residents for the future, ensuring their prosperity and improving their satisfaction.
  • Wonders of the Industrial Age: Scientific and social developments give them the opportunity to improve the lives of their citizens.
  • Complex economic system: Players import goods to cut costs, export goods to enrich their citizens, and then tax that wealth to further their own plans.
  • Difficult diplomacy: Players can maintain harmonious relations with their neighbors, provoke a crisis to acquire valuable resources, or open new markets.
  • Political skill: Players are tackling competing interests in their government by launching new reforms. At the same time, they risk revolution if important voices are not heard.
  • Detailed and lively world: Cities and factories grow darkening landscapes on the beautifully drawn nineteenth century map of the world. Players choose one of the many nations dating back to 1836 and attempt to claim their place in the sun.

Victoria 3 will be available on Steam, Microsoft Game Pass, and Paradox Store.

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