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New small USB-C chargers up to 65W

New small USB-C chargers up to 65W

In three performance levels for smartphones, laptops and co. 2 minutes. Read

Technical devices such as smartphones and laptops can now be fully recharged in a very short time. With the USB Type-C standard, there was also universal connectivity so that many devices could be charged with just one power supply unit. Powerful chargers are often much larger, but that’s exactly where Anker wants to start with new Nano II and GaN technology.

Anker has been involved in charging technologies for quite some time, with the The manufacturer already had a PowerPort Atom PD1 in 2018 It launched a very compact yet powerful 30W charger. Now, Anker introduces the new Nano II Series, which will be available in three performance levels: 30 watts, 45 watts and 65 watts. The focus is also on GaN technology to improve efficiency – now in the second generation.

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GaN technology for more efficiency

In this case, gallium nitride (GaN) is used in the wafers in place of the conventional silicon, which in addition to Increase efficiency and reduce waste heat It should lead. This means Anker can also make technical components much smaller, which means that even the Nano II’s 65W variant is only slightly larger than the 30W model. In direct comparison to other chargers of this power, the Anker Nano II is much smaller. In addition, the TÜV Süd certified power supplies (look at the picture).

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In addition to smartphones and tablets, laptops must also be rechargeable with the Nano II, provided a USB-C port with charging support is required. For example, the 30W model supports Apple MacBook Air (older generation) at full speed. On the other hand, the Nano II 45W is suitable for more laptops, as Anker mentions here MacBook Air 2020, Macbook Pro 13 “, Dell XPS 13 9360/9380And ThinkPad X390 as well as Google Pixelbook and Microsoft Surface Book 2. The top 65W model should be able to charge said laptops more quickly.

So a must for the Nano II mini Be the charger of all the gadgets you take on a trip (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Smart Watch, Headphones, etc.). Anker wants to bring the Nano II Charger in the three power variants 30W, 45W and 65W to German retailers starting from the end of June. The Prices start at € 34.99 for the MSRP With 30 watts, the 45-watt variant will cost 35.99 euros MSRP and the higher-end 65-watt model will cost 44.99 euros MSRP.

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