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Vicky Leandros announces the end of her career

“It has to end sometime.”

Vicky Leandros announces the end of her career

Vicky Leandros is giving up her career. The singer revealed that she will be embarking on her final tour next year.


Vicky Leandros has quit music.

Vicky Leandros split (70)! The singer will be on tour for the last time next fall. Then it’s done. “I think it’s time to stop. I turned 70 this summer. This is when you start to think about the limited nature of life. At some point it has to come to an end, “she explains her decision to” Bild “. She wants to stop self-determination and not happen under Any circumstance with a walking stick.

Leandros has been on stage since she was 13 years old. In 1972, at the age of twenty, she won the ESC title for Luxembourg in Edinburgh, Scotland, with her song “Après toi”. Her career has continued at a fast pace. Her songs like “Love Life” and “Theo, We’re Going to Lodz” will never be forgotten.