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Using state power against opponents: If Trump becomes president again, he will retaliate against his opponents

Using state power against opponents: If Trump becomes president again, he will retaliate against his opponents

Donald Trump is known to crack down on political opponents.

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Donald Trump may want to use the FBI to take action against opponents after he is re-elected as President of the United States. This is how the Republican justifies his actions.

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  • Donald Trump could imagine using government agencies like the FBI against critics.
  • Trump repeatedly describes the ongoing proceedings against him as a “witch hunt.”
  • His political opponents have become increasingly tough, but his former colleagues have also come into focus.

Donald Trump has never been a fan of thoughtful words toward his political opponents. But his statements gradually become more radical, sometimes sounding like the rhetoric of a politician on a revenge campaign.

In an interview with journalist Enrique Acevedo of US Radio Univision, the former US president said he could imagine using government agencies such as the FBI and the Department of Justice against critics if he wins the election.

The “witch hunt” against Trump

According to him, federal law enforcement agencies are currently being used against him, so his reaction is high “Washington Post” Then clearly: “Yes. If they do, and they have, but if they continue to do so, then yes, it could certainly go the other way around.

Trump repeatedly describes the ongoing proceedings against him as a “witch hunt,” and goes on to explain: “You know, if you’re president and you do a good job and you’re popular, people won’t come after you to win the election.”

Angry intentions

The goal is clear, and can also be clearly seen in statements Trump has made on his “Truth Social” social media platform, like this “Frankfurter Rundschau” He writes. There the Republican rages: “If you don’t want communists to destroy America like they destroyed Cuba and Venezuela and Nicaragua, then you should send a message by voting corrupt Joe Biden and every Democrat out of office in 2024!” “

Another verbal failure: Trump must pay $10,000

Story: “This judge is a very partisan judge, and sitting next to him is someone who is very partisan, perhaps even more partisan than he is.” It was that remark that cost Donald Trump another $10,000 on Wednesday. The former US president had to respond to the fraud in a civil suit. During a break in the negotiations, Trump used words that the court considered to be in violation of the terms. In early October, Judge Arthur Engoron barred Trump from making comments attacking court employees. Because Trump did not delete an offensive post by a judicial employee, he was fined $5,000 last week. Engoron considered Trump’s statements to reporters on Wednesday a “flagrant” violation of the requirements. The judge did not accept arguments from Trump’s legal team that the “biased” person was not the court clerk, but Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, who is testifying against him in the fraud trial. Cohen: “Attack, attack, attack. That’s the Trump way.” Cohen has previously harshly accused Trump in court. The fraud trial in New York includes allegations that Trump manipulated the value of his family’s company in order to obtain cheaper loans. Cohen said Trump ordered him to increase total assets based on carefully chosen numbers. Arbitrary. Trump denied all the accusations. A New York court had already ruled last September that Trump and his family company could be held liable for fraud. Therefore, the civil process is particularly concerned with the issue of how high the penalty should be.

October 28, 2023

His political opponents are being attacked with increasing ferocity, but his former colleagues are also coming into focus. Privately, according to The Washington Post, the former president has told advisers and friends in recent months that he would like the Justice Department to also investigate former Trump officials and allies who made critical comments about his time in office.

After his re-election.