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USA: Senator makes controversial appearance in video debate

Seat Belt and Home Office Background: Senator Andrew Brenner drives a car during a video conference.


A senator from the US state of Ohio wanted to pretend he was home in a video conference. What he really did is mind boggling now.

Ohio – However, weird moments in online meetings are always going viral. Andrew Brenner, a senator from the US state of Ohio, has now come to global online celebrities with a different look at a video conference. First, Brenner switched from a parked car – which of course was not prohibited. After a while, he faded using a filter in the background of a home office. But of course the senator was not at home, and in the meantime he wanted to hide the fact that he had left, Reported by

However, it is very obvious that he is driving a car and it is fun again. Because he can’t notice the seat belt he’s wearing. During the video, the “real” background can be seen again and again around his head – above all how it goes. Andrew Brenner did not deny that he actually drove a car during the conference – but did not appear to know any guilt. “I was not distracted. I focused on driving and listening, ”Senator Columbus told the Dispatch. Andrew Brenner explained his journey that he held two meetings in a row at different places. He did not follow the video image. “To me it’s like a phone call.” * is an offer IPPEN.MEDIA.