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Australia cancels “New Silk Road” agreements with China

The Chinese leadership praises it as a plan of the century to usher in a new era of globalization; Others criticize the plan: with initiative “New Silk Road” Strives Peking Establishing a global infrastructure network. And two agreements with the Australian Government Victoria That was part of it – until now.

The Federal Government of Australia has now canceled infrastructure contracts concluded in 2018 and 2019. Many new laws give the federal government in Canberra the right to veto international agreements that states enter into if they run against the national interest. Noting this, the government also announced the termination of two agreements with Victoria’s education authority Syria And Iran Closed.

Foreign Minister Marice Payne said the four agreements were “contrary to Australia’s foreign policy” or could harm the country’s national interests. It is one thing to ensure a uniform approach at all levels. Payne says the move was not directed against a particular country.

Relations between the two countries: Worse than it has been for decades

China behaved angrily. The Chinese embassy in the country said in a statement that the decision would be detrimental to relations between the two countries. This shows that the Australian government has no real interest in improving it. Australia A Foreign Ministry spokesman said in Beijing. China has the right to take counter-measures.

Relations between China and Australia are current This is worse than it has been for decades. After the Australian government conducted an independent investigation into the eruption Wuhan As requested, the Chinese government, among other things, ordered a tariff and import ban on many Australian goods.