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USA: Joe Biden loses approval, Donald Trump gains

USA: Joe Biden loses approval, Donald Trump gains

United States of America

Joe Biden’s popularity drops to a record low and Trump’s popularity rises

A large majority of Americans believe that Joe Biden should not run again. Donald Trump’s tenure in office has been rated better in the past.


44 percent of Americans said that their financial situation has become worse under the Biden presidency.


  • Joe Biden’s approval ratings have fallen to a record low.

  • On the other hand, Donald Trump’s work rated much better in retrospect.

  • If presidential elections were held today, Trump would receive 51 percent and Biden would receive 42 percent of the votes.

In the United States of America approved Current President Joe Biden (80) He reached a low point. This is shown by a representative poll conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post.

A record number suggest they fared worse under his presidency, with three-quarters saying he is too old to serve another term. Donald Trump on the other hand They look better in retrospect — all of which are tough challenges for Biden in his upcoming re-election campaign.

Biden’s values ​​are at a record low

44 percent of Americans said that their financial situation has become worse under Biden’s presidency – the highest percentage for a president in the two American newspaper polls since 1986. Only 37 percent approve of his administration, while 56 percent oppose it. Even fewer, 30%, approve of Biden’s performance on the economy.

When it comes to dealing with immigration The border between the United States and Mexico As things stand, Biden’s approval rating is even lower at 23 percent. Only 20% strongly approve of his work in general, while 45% strongly disagree. The 74 percent who say he is too old to serve a second term has increased by six percentage points since May.

62% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents believe the party should field a nominee other than Biden in 2024; Only a third support Biden.

Trump has been rated better in the past

For his part, Donald Trump (77 years old) has improved in retrospect. When he reluctantly left office in January 2021, 38% approved of his job as president, the same rating Biden has now. But now, looking back, 48% say they approve of Trump’s performance while in office — which would put him at the peak of his tenure as president. Nearly 49% do not approve of it today, up from 60%. White House Leave. However, the opinion that Trump is too old also rose to 50%.

Of the 56% of Americans who disapprove of Biden’s job in office, 75% say they approve of Trump’s job retroactively. Most Americans continue to reject Trump’s claim that the 2020 election was stolen from him. Instead, 60% of Americans believe Biden legitimately won, and another 12% have no opinion. 29% believe that Biden did not win legitimately.

In a hypothetical comparison in November 2024, when the US presidential elections will be held, Trump will receive 51 percent and Biden will receive 42 percent of the votes. This means an increase of three points for Trump and a decrease of two percent for Biden compared to the last poll in February.

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