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US wants to increase agricultural budget by 17%

US wants to increase agricultural budget by 17%

According to US government planning, the USDA budget for 2023 will be US$28.5 billion (CHF26.4 billion). This represents $4.2 billion (CHF3.9 billion), or a 17.1% increase over 2021, according to the current White House budget draft.

With the money saved, the USDA will invest in tackling the climate crisis while mitigating its ongoing impact on the population.

Meanwhile, the food supply chain and food security network will be strengthened, new jobs created and disadvantaged producers supported. The farm budget will also help restore American leadership in agriculture, according to Dow Jones News.

Among other things, the agricultural budget includes $1.777 billion (1.64 billion Swiss francs) to combat climate change on private farmland. The money is part of a whole government approach to tackling the climate crisis. The budget also includes US$1 billion (CHF925 million) to support farmers and landowners to implement environmental protection and climate-friendly practices on farmland. A total of about US$5.5 billion (CHF5.1 billion) is planned to reduce bushfire risks, restore ecosystems and protect communities.

Regardless of the farm budget, the government bill provides $111 billion (103 billion Swiss francs) for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which supports 43.5 million Americans per month. Funding for the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) supplemental feeding program will remain at $6 billion. US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said access to safe and nutritious food for all Americans should be a priority.