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Ein Passagierflugzeug der United Airlines wartet am Hauptstadtflughafen BER auf seinen Start zum Erstflug zum New Yorker Flughafen Newark. Foto: Bernd Settnik/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa

Air Transportation: BER is now directly connected to the USA – Economy

A United Airlines passenger plane waits at the capital’s BER Airport on its first flight to Newark Airport in New York. Photo: Bernd Sitnik / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa

The new airport now has a direct connection to New York. There will be no need to detour through Frankfurt or Munich for passengers to and from Berlin.

Schönefeld – Direct to New York – Since Monday, this is also possible for travelers from Berlin and Brandenburg. United Airlines has started its non-stop service to Newark Airport.

Every day a plane takes off and lands at BER Airport in Schönefeld from abroad. “The two big cities, Berlin and New York, belong to each other,” the airline said. United works with Lufthansa: flights can also be booked via the German airline.

The first flight took off on Monday morning

It is the first long-distance communication from BER to the USA. There are also direct connections from Schönefeld to Singapore and Doha and in winter to Dubai. Goodbye to a Boeing 767 in the morning with water fountains from airport firefighters. There was government mayor Franziska Jaffe (SPD) and Berlin senator for economics Stefan Schwartz (independent).

Politics and businesses in the region have been calling for more long-distance routes for the new airport for years. Even at the former Tegel Airport, there was only one number. In most cases, passengers from Berlin and Brandenburg have to change trains at hubs such as Frankfurt and Munich for longer connections.