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Laut einem Medienbericht plant der Supreme Court, im kommenden Monat das Recht auf Abtreibung zu kip

US companies take a stand on the fight against corporate abortion abroad

The US Supreme Court could soon take down an institution. According to a report by internet broker Politico, a conservative majority of Supreme Court justices has already decided to repeal the federal abortion law. The judiciary confirmed the existence of the internal document on which the report is based and opened an investigation into the leakage of information.

The court laid the legal foundation in 1973 in a precedent called Roe v. hurry. Since then, abortion has been legal in principle in all US states. Some have enacted explicit laws protecting this right.

If the Supreme Court rules on Roe v. Wade actually falls next month, and 22 Republican-governed states have already passed legislation banning abortion in their territories. Even before that, some states had restricted abortion to the point where it became almost impossible in most cases.

Safe campaign case

The decision is likely to deepen divisions in American society and the rift between the two dominant parties – Republicans and Democrats. Democratic President Joe Biden urged voters on Tuesday to elect more pro-choice candidates to Congress in the upcoming general election in November.

The legislature can then pass a federal law corresponding to the decision of the Supreme Court. For now, Republicans are expected to regain a majority in the election. There are efforts in their ranks to enact a general ban on abortion at the federal level.

The subject is likely to have a decisive impact on the election campaign, which has so far been dominated by high inflation. According to surveys, the majority of Americans in all states are against general bans.

Companies support employees

American companies also play a crucial role in this dispute. Already in 2019, the streaming provider Netflix has threatened (NFLX 180.97 -3.90%)He decided to move the production of his films and series out of Georgia when a state court went to court over a law banning abortion at six weeks of pregnancy.

After a similar law was passed in Texas last year, the iPhone company, tech company Match Group, and referral site Yelp secured it. (howling 30.84 -4.34%) Provide financial assistance to its employees if they need to travel to another country to conduct the procedure there.

Recently, the online retail giant Amazon said it would pay its employees $4,000 if they had to travel farther. Uber tour operator (About 07/26 -2.83%) and lift (LYFT 20.51 -6.90%) They announced that they would pay a legal fee if their drivers were sued for transporting abortion seekers. The pressure on companies to take a stand is now likely to increase.

Florida vs. Disney (dis 110.29 -2.06%)

Even in the face of these clear commitments, a growing rift is currently opening between corporate America and Republicans. Ronald Reagan’s party, long seen as a friend of big business and a fiery defender of American capitalism, is now highly critical of the country’s corporations and does not shy away from political retribution.

Republican-dominated Florida recently stripped entertainment giant Disney of a special status in the state, which could end tax benefits, among other things. Disney’s president, Bob Chapek, had previously spoken out against pressure from some of his employees against the new school law that has been criticized as anti-gay.