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The United States and NATO turn Ukraine into a "powder keg"

Ukrainian government changes Biden quote

And US media reported that the announcement, which was published on Tuesday evening, was changed after a phone call from Washington. And now she is only saying that the “Ukrainian position” will be taken into account at the NATO summit in Brussels next Monday. There is no longer talk of support for joining the military alliance.

During the phone call, Biden invited his Ukrainian colleague to Washington. Zelensky originally wanted to meet the US president before his summit with Kremlin President Vladimir Putin next week.

Kiev insists on concrete prospects for NATO membership. Due to the Russian annexation of Crimea on the Ukrainian Black Sea and the continued support of East Ukrainian separatists by Russia, Ukraine sees itself militarily threatened by the large neighboring country.

But within the Western military alliance, Kiev’s request regarding the unresolved conflict with Moscow is highly controversial. In addition, NATO member Hungary continues to block any Ukrainian initiative due to alleged discrimination against the Hungarian minority in Ukraine.

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