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UK: Court approves deportation flights to Rwanda

UK: Court approves deportation flights to Rwanda

Status: 06/11/2022 04:25 am

The British government has allowed illegal asylum seekers to be flown to Rwanda. The High Court has rejected the ban on hijacking flights. Already 30 asylum seekers are due to be evicted on Tuesday.

The British judiciary has approved flights planned by the government to deport immigrants who entered Rwanda illegally. In the emergency judgment, the judge in charge said, “In the public interest, the Home Ministry can make and implement decisions to control immigration.”

The London High Court rejected an urgent petition by human rights groups against the planes. Plaintiff’s human rights organizations immediately appealed the decision, which is due to be heard on Monday.

The first deportation flight is scheduled for Tuesday

According to government plans, the first deportation flight is scheduled to begin on Tuesday. About 30 asylum seekers are to be brought to the East African country. According to the Interior Ministry, the victims have already been notified of their planned deportation. In Rwanda, they must receive a “generous support package” that includes five years of education, housing and health care.

The government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to take action against the kidnapping gangs and make unwanted entry through the English Channel ugly. In particular, boat people arriving in Great Britain in rubber boats via the English Channel are to be evacuated.

Last year, more than 28,000 migrants and refugees crossed the English Channel into Britain. The UK government’s position is that refugees do not have the right to seek asylum in the United Kingdom because they could have done so in the European Union.

144 million euros to Rwanda

In April, the British government presented its controversial plan to bring immigrants to Rwanda under an agreement between the two countries. Asylum procedures should be carried out there. If granted asylum, refugees will be allowed to stay in Rwanda, but will not be able to return to Great Britain.

According to Johnson’s plans, Rwanda will initially receive மில்லியன் 120 million (approximately 4 144 million) for the cooperation. According to the Prime Minister, the focus is on single young people – especially those who are seen as economic immigrants. They have to settle in Rwanda. Human rights organizations consider this asylum policy illegal. The United Nations has also warned against Britain violating international law.

With information from Imke Köhler, ARD Studio London