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UEFA confirmed the new UEFA Champions League status from 2024/25

UEFA confirmed the new UEFA Champions League status from 2024/25

The Champions League will have a new mode from the 2024/25 season. Photo: cornerstone

05/10/2022, 16:5405/10/2022, 17:09

The new format of the Champions League started from the 2024/25 season – there will now be 36 instead of the previous 32 in the First Division. As already reported in mid-AprilUEFA has again slightly modified the originally proposed situation: two of the four additional starting places in Champions League Go to the two most successful National Societies previously. The number of team matches for each team will be increased from six to eight instead of the previously planned ten. This was announced by the European Football Association after a decision of the Executive Committee.

A discussion has already erupted over the entry requirements for the four additional clubs compared to the current season. In the original model, two places were to be given to clubs that had had success in the European Cup in the past but could not qualify for the Champions League in their respective league. Among other things, the merger of the European leagues and fan organizations criticized this.

On the list that has now been determined, in the current season England And the Netherlands will benefit, and they will each have another first-class representative next season. The other two extra places in the Champions League will go to the fifth-best country, currently France, and to another national champion not yet automatically listed.

“We are convinced that the format chosen strikes the right balance and that it improves the balance of competition and generates stable revenue that can be shared between clubs, leagues and the continent’s grass roots, while at the same time increasing the club’s popularity,” said UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin.

This is what the new situation looks like:

  • Instead of the previous group stage, there is now a league mode. Each team plays eight matches against eight different opponents (four at home and four away).
  • Instead of the previous 32 teams, 36 teams will play in the Champions League.
  • The top eight teams in the league qualify directly for the round of 16. Teams seeded nine through twenty-four play a two-game playoff for other places in the knockout stage.
  • The Europa League (8 preliminary round matches) and the Europa League (6 preliminary round matches) will adopt a similar format.

Match days will not change. Europeans Competitions Play will continue during the week, according to the UEFA announcement, weekends belong to the national competitions. (Abu/Sada)

Multiple goalscorers in the Champions League


Multiple goalscorers in the Champions League

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