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U.S. Wildfires – New Mexico State evacuates thousands due to wildfires – News

  • Several major forest and bush fires have occurred in the US state of New Mexico.
  • Firefighters said the fire was likely to be caused by dry and hot weather and strong winds.
  • The U.S. Meteorological Service did not expect any change in the weather in the affected areas in the coming days.

Large parts of western America have been experiencing long-term droughts in recent years. Experts say this has something to do with climate change. A total of six forests and bushes are currently on fire in the state of New Mexico.


Authorities asked locals to evacuate their homes due to the fire.

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Firefighters tried to contain a wildfire that was spreading in New Mexico from the air Saturday. But the afternoon storms sometimes blew at 96 kilometers per hour and stopped operation. In all, New Mexico battled at least six wildfires.

Fire on a tree-lined hill in the distance


Of the six fires, the worst was in the mountains and valleys east of the capital Santa Fe.

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“This is the worst case scenario for a fire,” said Governor Michel Lujan Grisham. More than 697 square kilometers, the size of the Clares Zone, were burned on Saturday in the Hermits Peak and Golf Canyon areas alone, according to official data. At least 170 homes were destroyed and about 16,000 people were evacuated, according to officials.