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After the Australia entry scandal: Djokovic admits to severe depression

After the Australia entry scandal: Djokovic admits to severe depression

After the Australia entry scandal
Djokovic admitted to severe depression

Earlier in the year, Novak Djokovic created a scandal. He was expelled from the country after traveling without a vaccine to the number one Australian Open in the world of tennis. Serbian now tells how much the nervous breakdown days brought him down. However, he did not give up the hunt for achievement.

The quarter-finals in Dubai, the opening defeat in Monte Carlo, the final defeat in Belgrade: There are unusual defeats behind tennis-dominated Novak Djokovic, which he looks back on with his nervous days in Melbourne. In an interview with the 34 – year – old Serbian tennis channel, he said, “These are situations I have never encountered in my life.

Djokovic failed to fight the authorities at the beginning of the year to enter Australia because he refused to be vaccinated. “It was completely unexpected, it affected me more mentally and emotionally than physically,” the tennis superstar said four months later. Only in the last few weeks has he been able to recover from it: “I tried to turn it into positive energy.”

Adventure hunting

Among the clay court masters in Madrid, the world number one wins well. Without losing a single set, Djokovic advanced to the semifinals against young Spanish player Carlos Alcaras (Saturday, 4pm / Sky). At the French Open in Paris (starting May 22), Djokovic wants to overtake Rafael Nadal (Spain) and senior Roger Federer (Switzerland, 20 Grand Slam titles) with his 21st Grand Slam title. At Roland Garros, the Serbian is the reigning champion.

About a week ago, Djokovic was stunned by a two-and-a-half-year prison sentence against his former coach Boris Becker. “It broke my heart. He was a long time friend, he was my coach for three years, he was someone close to me and he contributed a lot to my success,” Djokovic said on the sidelines of the Masters match in Madrid. “As a friend” he was “very sad”. Serbier explained that he believes Becker “will pass this time and if he is released from prison, he will be able to live his life.” Praying for Becker, the 54-year-old said he hopes it will be the hard part because he is “good in terms of his mental health”. Becker was Djokovic’s successful coach from late 2013 to late 2016.