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Twitch game Hype is gone forever – the developer admits its mistakes

Twitch game Hype is gone forever – the developer admits its mistakes

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In the summer of 2023, Twitch took the game by storm. But “Only Up!” It will likely disappear forever and the developer explains why.

HAMBURG – In June 2023, the new game “Only Up!” On Twitch. The streamers have been able to prove themselves here by climbing higher and higher and jumping over crazy obstacles. Without save points, falling is fatal. But now it’s no longer a game of “Only Up!” Available on Steam, the developer complains about his mental health.

The developer of the popular Twitch game pulls the rope – “Only up!” Causes “stress”

What happened? The buzz around “Only Up!” At the end of May. A number of people played the game on Twitch, because the crazy reactions to the fall caused just as much emotion among viewers. After numerous allegations of copyright infringement, “Only Up!” Available for download again.

One of the most popular games on Twitch has been canceled – the developer can’t © Only Up anymore (montage)

The developer is “nervous”: The game developer stated in an official statement that:Made a lot of mistakes“And I would like to finally put the game behind me.”The game has caused me a lot of stress over the months“, explains the individual developer behind the viral hit.

That’s how successful “Only Up!”

On June 19, the game peaked on Twitch with nearly 280,000 people watching simultaneously, and only about 800 channels running! In addition to the best established games such as League of Legends, Counter Strike or GTA 5, the indie title from a single developer was able to assert itself for a long time and had an average of 20,000 viewers simultaneously.

However, the hype has now subsided again – in September, there were an average of 20 channels showing the crazy platformer to around 450 viewers.

The developer probably did not have the rights to many assets present in the game – that is, 3D models of various objects. Since the game was not free, lawsuits from angry creators increased, and some of the game’s assets gradually disappeared. “Only Up!” It’s been so popular that MontanaBlack has its own version running on Fortnite.

The “Only Up!” developer wants Peace of mind and focus on the next game

Now this comes: The developer did not provide a precise explanation as to why Only Up! was shut down, nor did it even mention the game by name. “Whether there were really legal consequences that gave him?”pressure“The readiness is open to speculation. However, he now wishes to take a break to incorporate the experience he has gained into his next title. This is not supposed to be a platformer like ‘Only Up!’

What I need now is peace of mind and… [mentale] medicine. I plan to take a break and continue my education in game design and expand my experience and knowledge.

Some fans are calling the statement “hypocrite“, since the developer may have made an incredible profit through “Only Up!” Partially stolen 3D models and unnamed NFT ads in the game have made the developer unpopular with many people, even though the game has positive reviews on Steam. It remains To see what the developer will learn from his mistakes.