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Sony Burano is the new 8K cinema camera for solo professionals

Sony Burano is the new 8K cinema camera for solo professionals

Anyone looking for a professional yet compact solution for ambitious film projects should be happy with the new Sony Burano.

Video up to 8.6K

The Burano from the CineAlta series could be classified as a Venice 2, but it should work perfectly with it. It is primarily aimed at filmmakers traveling alone or smaller film teams.

The heart of the Burano is a full-frame 8.6K sensor with a maximum recording speed of 30fps. In addition to the maximum format, other common resolutions are also possible, 6K with 60 fps, and 4K with 120 fps. Several codecs are available to choose your optimal workflow: XAVC, X-OCN, and XAVC-LT.

The Burano also records a wide dynamic range and dual-base ISO for low-light shots. Different resolutions and codecs provide flexibility. Lens mounts are available in PL and E mount.

This feature set positions the camera as a solid choice for demanding film productions. Solo photographers in particular will appreciate this technology. Suitable lenses can be mounted via PL and E mounts.

Technical information

  • 8.6K full frame sensor
  • Dual base ISO: 800/3200
  • 16 stops dynamic range
  • 8K/30fps, 6K/60fps, 4K/120fps
  • XAVC H, XAVC and X-OCN LT codecs
  • S-Log2/3, S-Gamut3/Cinematic
  • Mount PL and E
  • Hybrid autofocus (with E-mount)
  • Electronic ND filter 0.6-2.1
  • 3.5 inch touch screen
  • 2x CFexpress Type B slots
  • Rugged magnesium casing, 145.7 x 142.5 x 218.1mm, 2.4kg
  • The planned start of sales is in the spring of 2024, around 25,000 euros

Designed specifically for solo photographers

Burano is said to offer crucial advantages, especially for photographers working individually. Hybrid AF enables precise focusing even when there is movement in the image. The built-in ND filter ensures flexible exposure control even without someone else present.

Thanks to its compact body and light weight, the camera can also be optimally used as a shoulder camera. Sony also designed Burano specifically to meet the needs of solo photographers.

You can find more information at Sony.