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Messaging service WhatsApp is introducing a new functionality to the beta version. Behind the anonymous wave icon is a new feature for group chats.

Castle – messaging service WhatsApp It always has new updates and features available for its users. But recently a mysterious symbol has appeared. What’s behind it?

Wave code on WhatsApp: here’s what’s behind it

Voice messages on WhatsApp make exchanging ideas with friends and acquaintances much easier. Sending a lot of information to others has never been easier – without the hassle of writing long text messages. To record voice messages on WhatsApp, you must click on the microphone icon. According to the technology portal Technology book WhatsApp is working on a new function for the current Android beta version: voice chats for WhatsApp groups.

The mysterious wave icon appears in group chats instead of the familiar camera icon. This new feature aims to make video calls easier. This makes it possible to make a “group phone call” with several people at the same time without selecting individual contacts in advance. reports.

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging services in Germany. © Imago/Adrien Fillon

WABetaInfo Reportedly, with the new functionality up to 32 people can participate in a video call. Only Whatsapp version users can avail the new group feature. All party members are no longer summoned separately as usual.

However, the mass release is not an invitation in the classical sense. But according to information from Technology book Selected chat room where group members can join and have more options available in the user interface. This is almost similar to the voice channels found on Discord.

After selecting the wave icon, members will receive a notification when the voice chat starts and can join the conversation. Like regular Whatsapp calls, the new voice chats are end-to-end encrypted. According to data from Technology book However, it is not clear when all WhatsApp users will be able to access the new functionality.

  • Silent push notifications
  • Large groups
  • Flexibility
  • Time limit

Wave symbol in WhatsApp: group chat features

The new group chat function also offers some advantages: according to WABetaInfo Unused voice chats automatically end after 60 minutes. Also new: Participants are notified via push message. The thumbnail on the group icon shows the ongoing voice chat.

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