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Trump's daughter-in-law has won the Republican Party leadership

Trump's daughter-in-law has won the Republican Party leadership

Former US President Donald Trump's daughter-in-law Laura Trump has been chosen as the co-chair of the Republican Party. A majority of the Republican National Committee (RNC) voted for him and Michael Whatley on Friday. The chairman of the Republican Party in the US state of North Carolina assumes the post of RNC chairman.

He is a close confidante of former President Trump and has backed the 77-year-old, saying, among other things, that “the victory in the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him through massive fraud.” During her inaugural speech in Houston, Texas, Laura Trump explained about winning the upcoming presidential election: “It's about the good and the bad.”

The 41-year-old previously appeared as a political commentator on right-wing US broadcaster Fox News. In his speech, Watley emphasized the goal of achieving a Republican majority in both houses of the US Congress.

In November, all seats in the House of Representatives and one-third of the seats in the Senate are up for re-election. Democrats currently have a narrow majority in the Senate and Republicans have a very narrow majority in the House of Representatives.

In late February, RNC incumbents Rona McDaniel and Drew McKissick announced their resignations. Trump had already nominated Watley and his daughter-in-law for the post. The party was expected to follow suit.

Among other things, the RNC organizes the nominating convention, where delegates formally choose the Republican presidential nominee after the primary elections. After Nikki Haley withdrew from the Republican primary campaign in November, nothing stands in the way of a repeat of the showdown between Trump and Democratic incumbent Joe Biden.