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Trump attacks Rapinoe and Biden after leaving the United States

Trump attacks Rapinoe and Biden after leaving the United States

The US stars were shocked after their match against Sweden.Image: Cornerstone

The United States failed earlier than ever in a World Cup. A blow to former President Donald Trump.

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After leaving United States of America The former American president participated in the Women's World Cup Donald Trump He said dismissively about the team. At the same time, he was able to criticize his successor Joe Biden Irresistible.

Former President Donald Trump leaves after speaking at the 56th annual Silver Elephant Gala in Columbia, South Carolina, Saturday, Aug. 5, 2023. (AP Photo/Artie Walker Jr.) Donald Trump

For Donald Trump, the sudden exit from the World Cup is “symbolic” of the situation in the United States.Image: Cornerstone

The early failure of the US team in the World Cup is also “a symbol of what is happening to our once-great nation under crook Joe Biden,” he said on US social media platform Truth Social.

Trump added: “Many of our players were openly anti-American, and no other country, not even close, has acted this way.” What bothered him was that not all the players were singing the national anthem. The United States team was not lucky on Sunday in the round of 16, losing 4-5 on penalties Sweden to fail.

Trump was particularly targeting Megan Rapinoe, who ended her career with the national team after being eliminated. Trump smugly commented on the missed penalty kick with the words: “Good shot, Meghan, the United States is going to hell.”

USA's Megan Rapinoe reacts after she misses during a penalty shootout in the Women's World Cup Round of 16 match between Sweden and the USA in Melbourne, Australia.

Megan Rapinoe missed a penalty kick against Sweden.Image: Cornerstone

Rapinoe: Trump curses him and Biden honors him

This is not the first time that Rapinoe has faced violent attacks from Trump, against whom another case is currently underway (this time for possible election fraud). In the days leading up to their 2019 World Cup quarter-final match against the hosts France The then president shouted that Rapinoe must win first before she opens her mouth. She gave the correct answer: She scored both goals in the 2-1 win, and then showed off her signature pose: arms spread, chin extended upward, and a smile on her face.

Rapinoe is committed to LGBT rights, and was also the driving force behind the hard-won agreement with the ADA, which now pays for both women and men.

In contrast to his predecessor, Joe Biden has long recognized how important Rapinoe is. On July 7, 2022, he awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor the United States gives to civilians.

FILE - President Joe Biden awards the nation's highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, to Megan Rapinoe at the White House in Washington, Thursday, July 7, 2022. (AP Photo/J.S...

Joe Biden presents Rapinoe with her medal.Image: Cornerstone

His words at the time: “Along with all her World Cup titles and Olympic medals, Meghan is a champion of the fundamental American truth that every person has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.”

First Lady Jill Biden also showed that respect is possible too, writing on Twitter: “We are proud of you.” Moreover: “Always remember that you are encouraging women and girls all over the world to show up and fight for their dreams.”

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