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Trade dispute - US and China plan summit in Zurich

Trade dispute – US and China plan summit in Zurich

  • The world’s two largest economies, the United States and China, are making a new attempt to settle their trade disputes.
  • The US government’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, is scheduled to hold talks with senior Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi in Zurich on Wednesday. This was announced by the White House.
  • Yang Jiechi is a member of the Politburo of the Communist Party and the largest foreign politician – in the Chinese power apparatus, Foreign Minister Wang Yi is subordinate to him.

Relations between the United States and China deteriorated under former US President Donald Trump. His successor, Joe Biden, also stuck to a hard line toward Beijing.

The Biden government views an emerging China, both economically and militarily, as the greatest geopolitical challenge. Recently, the United States strongly criticized the repeated intrusion of Chinese warplanes into Taiwan’s defensive airspace.

Summit relations with a phone call from the President

And now, one more step must be taken in the smoldering economic row: Through planned consultations, Jake Sullivan and Yang Jiechi want to continue the exchange between the two countries on “responsible” competition. They linked a phone call between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping last month.

In that first phone call in seven months, Biden and Xi warned of the danger that tensions between their two countries would come to a head in a confrontation.

Talks are scheduled with representatives of NATO and the European Union in Brussels

The White House said Sullivan would travel to Brussels and Paris after the top meeting in Zurich. There the US security advisor will inform the European partners about his meeting with Yang Jiechi. Talks with representatives of NATO and the European Union are also scheduled in Brussels.

According to the White House, Sullivan wants to meet his counterpart Emmanuel Bonn in Paris. It should also be about preparations for a meeting between Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron later this month.

There is also a crisis between Washington and Paris

A serious crisis erupted between Paris and Washington last month: the United States launched a security pact with Australia and Great Britain in the Indo-Pacific region without consulting its allies. As a result, a multi-billion dollar submarine deal between Australia and France failed.

It is still not clear when exactly the meeting with Macron will take place. Biden wants to travel to the G-20 summit in Rome at the end of the month and to the subsequent climate conference in Glasgow.