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Toshiba publishes a roadmap for hard drives up to 40 TB

Toshiba Corporation has revealed a new roadmap for developing and manufacturing hard drives. According to the manufacturer, their hard drives should be able to store up to 35 TB of data by March 2025, and by 2026 the 40 TB mark should be broken. This is made possible by Toshiba’s recording technology and eleven hard disk drives. Moreover, the recording intensity should be increased using microwave-assisted flow-controlled magnetic recording (FC-MAMR) and transformed microwave-assisted magnetic recording (MAS-MAMR). Ultimately, this translates to more bits written per region, which increases storage capacity and reduces operating costs.

Larry Martinez Palomo, General Manager of Storage Products Division at Toshiba, was quoted as saying that the unprecedented amounts of data stored have had a significant impact on the storage sector. “By working closely with leading cloud operators, Toshiba has gained valuable insights into future data storage needs. Implementation of our advanced high-density FC-MAMR and MAS-MAMR devices will ensure critical data storage capacities are provided as well as robust read- performance parameters are maintained writing and extended service life.” (Win)