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Til Schweiger is emaciated and “sick”

Til Schweiger is emaciated and “sick”

Schweiger points out that the Invictus Games are being held in Germany for the first time. It is about “creating greater awareness for soldiers wounded and traumatized in combat. Please everyone come out and support the athletes.” She deserves it.

Schweiger has been campaigning for former soldiers for a long time. This was best demonstrated in the 2012 film “Guardian Angel.”

In the comments on the Instagram video, there are many thanking Til Schweiger for promoting the event. Many fans also expressed concerns about the 59-year-old: “You’ve lost weight, and I don’t like it.”

It has been commented that he looks “sick”, “really thin”, “really worn out” or “really exhausted”. “You look old and wrinkly. Sorry for the obvious words, but I’m really shocked,” one fan writes.

On the other hand, other fans were shocked by the comments, saying they were “underground” or “ridiculous.” One supporter defends the actor: “He’s real and this is lovable. We are all getting old.”

Serious allegations were made against Til Schweiger in May: he harassed and intimidated staff during filming. He is said to have often been drunk on set. Schweiger then largely withdrew from the public eye. He asked his lawyer to deny these accusations.