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Christina Loft |  Big announcement after the wedding: now it’s allowed

Christina Loft | Big announcement after the wedding: now it’s allowed

shortly after her wedding Christina Luft To tell your Instagram followers something.

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For months, fans have speculated when this would happen Dream duet “Let’s Dance” Luca Hani (28 years old) and Christina Loft (33 years old) Finally he says yes. Last week, the two finally shared photos of their big day on Instagram. The impressions of the celebration, beautifully organized by the famous Heidelberg wedding planner, Svenja Fischer, were inspiring.

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Luca Haney is on his honeymoon in South Africa

Photo: Luca Hani on Instagram

The bride and groom, who met on the RTL big dance show in 2020, are currently in Cape Town. She’s on her honeymoon there and has already taken her Instagram followers on a trip to the national park and to see the penguins on the beach.

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Christina Luft changed her name to “Haney”.

By the way, Christina Luft also has an announcement to make. More precisely, Christina Hani. Because, as she explained, she took her husband’s name. This should now also be visible on social media.

“Now it’s official,” says a happy Christina, who has finally changed her name on Instagram, which wasn’t so easy: “We had a big fight to change my name and now it’s finally worked out,” she says. “I’m now Christina Haney. That’s my name. I still can’t believe it!”

So anyone who already created Christina Luft’s fan posters for the “Let’s Dance” big tour now has to redesign them again. Christina Haney is definitely planning on making a full recovery by the time she rolls around in the fall.

She is currently still recovering from the fracture she suffered during the final season of “Let’s Dance.” But, as she explained a few weeks ago, she uses the summer every year to recover from dance season injuries.