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TikTok Music launched in Australia, Singapore and Mexico – with a smaller music catalog

TikTok Music launched in Australia, Singapore and Mexico – with a smaller music catalog

Short video platform TikTok has been experimenting with its own music streaming offering for some time. After testing in Indonesia and Brazil, TikTok Music recently expanded to Australia, Singapore and Mexico. However, it was only available as a beta version – until now. The platform is now open to all interested parties in the regions mentioned. However, there is a big catch with the launch.

TikTok Music: Launches with Limited Schedule

Unfortunately, Tiktok Music has to make do without Universal Music’s extensive music catalog in three countries. It’s a bitter blow, because you’re left off the list in Brazil and Indonesia Sony Music and Warner Music Group also maintain the library of Universal Music Group. It is not clear why it failed in Australia, Singapore and Mexico. Universal Music Group has the world’s largest collection of music, so it’s a bitter setback for the music streaming provider, which has long been looking to compete with top dogs like Apple Music and Spotify.

Global music business reported, TikTok Music is currently in talks with Universal Music Group. An international launch is unthinkable without UMG’s comprehensive talent. You can’t keep up with other music streaming providers from the point of view of potential subscribers.

Tiktok Music: When will the platform launch in Germany?

However, TikTok is currently under pressure in the EU. People in many countries are skeptical of the platform. Owner Byte Dance’s potential ties to the Chinese government raise privacy concerns. So the short video site is already banned on government devices in many countries. TikTok music may have had an offensive image from the start.

AI assistant helps search: TikTok Music wants to attract new functions

In terms of functionality, TikTok Music is modern. For example, the app also uses a type of digital assistant based on the AI ​​software ChatGPT. It helps users discover new music that suits their interests. In the long term, the aim is to achieve synergy effects between the short video platform and the music streaming offering.

There are already some networking options between the main site and TikTok Music. This means you can also use extended social media features. Convenient for users, ByteDance naturally provides more connected data. In this respect, we will have to wait and see when the music streaming offering will be launched in Germany in compliance with the GDPR.