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Tick ​​Bite: ChatGPT saves dog Sassy’s life

Tick ​​Bite: ChatGPT saves dog Sassy’s life

saved life

The vet couldn’t help Sassy, ​​so her master asked ChatGPT for advice

After the tick bite, Sassy the dog suffered from anemia and her condition did not improve. ChatGPT rushed to the rescue and saved her life.


After the tick bite, Sassi suffered from anemia caused by the infectious disease Babesiosis. However, the corresponding treatment had no effect and the bitch’s condition continued to deteriorate.

Twitter / @Peakcooper

  • After the tick bite, the dog Sassi developed anemia.

  • However, the treatment was ineffective and Sassi’s condition continued to worsen.

  • Since the vet couldn’t help, Sassy’s owner contacted ChatGPT – successfully.

The extraordinary abilities of ChatGPT artificial intelligence It is no longer a secret. But recently, she’s been saving lives: Sassy dogs owe their lives to ChatGPT’s medical-diagnostic capabilities. Artificial intelligence saved the dog from a tick-borne disease – although experienced vets couldn’t.

Shameless suffered after a tick bite Thus, Babesia disease is transmitted to anemia. Despite a medical diagnosis and proper treatment, after a few days her condition deteriorated again. Then Sassi’s owner, who shared the story on Twitter, rushed him to the vet again — and again, after multiple tests, the diagnosis was anemic.

However, the treatment so far had no effect and Sassi’s condition continued to deteriorate. Additional tests for possible co-infection related to tick-borne diseases were negative. The doctor did not know how to help Sassi and advised him to wait and see.

ChatGPT rushed to the rescue

However, Sassy’s master did not want to stand aside and ask ChatGPT for help. “In the meantime, it occurred to me that medical diagnostics is something ChatGPT could be good at, so I described the situation to the AI ​​in great detail,” the owner said on Twitter.

Indeed, ChatGPT, or rather a paid AI service called ChatGPT 4, has the solution ready. “His explanation was spot on and suggested the anemia could be due to other causes,” said the owner. ChatGPT presented several possible causes of anemia. Regarding diseases already tested by the vet, only one diagnosis remained after the rule of thumb: immune-related hemolytic anemia.

Sassy’s owner then rushed him to another vet and had Sassy checked specifically for immune-related hemolytic anemia. The tests were positive, and ChatGPT was right. Sassi has received proper treatment and is now able to chase sticks again.

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