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Thomas Gottschalk resigned for fear of storms

Thomas Gottschalk resigned for fear of storms

At the end of November, Thomas Gottschalk (73 years old) will host the popular show “Wetten,dass..?” for the last time. Moderate. Why does it stop? The broadcaster is afraid of negative headlines.

In the current issue of the weekly Die Zeit he says: “Before I start a storm by grabbing women by the knees, I’d better stop.” The TV legend admits he feels a “certain fear” of bucking the zeitgeist.

“I am now considered the butt of gentlemen’s jokes, which I never wanted to be. For a while now, I was looked at as an old white man who didn’t understand anything. I don’t want to be conspicuous in my old age. According to the tagline: “He said stupid things again.”

Gottschalk also admits that the ZDF is not following him either and pleads: You can’t say goodbye yet. If that had happened, I would have said: OK, I’ll make another offer. But this time it will be goodbye forever.

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On November 25, Thomas Gottschalk will lead “Wetten,dass..?” for the last time. He had already revealed in his podcast the appearance of Helen Fisher (39 years old) and Sherine David (28 years old).

“I’ve never met someone who pursues their TV presence with such a blind eye,” Gottschalk says. “Once there was a break from filming, he jumped in the car and headed to a fancy bar in Berlin to eat.” The artist said that Bohlin “will not allow the mask to come from anyone other than him.”