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This simple hack from IKEA suddenly creates more space in the kitchen

This simple hack from IKEA suddenly creates more space in the kitchen

Are you looking for a cool trick to create more storage space in your kitchen? Then you need this part of IKEA and our handicrafts for more demand.

You probably know this: Your kitchen is full of cabinets and storage options, but somehow there's always extra storage space missing. IKEA has a lot of suitable ideas that are designed for exactly such situations. But we also love having IKEA products with us Useful DIY They can be reused so they perfectly fill every unused area, no matter how small. For example, the Snudda trick is useful if you have corner cabinets or cabinets with high walls where it's easy to lose track. Do you have wall cabinets and still have space between the wall and the cabinet? Then here's our great idea Drönjöns for more storage space Maybe it is the right helper in your kitchen to create more order in your kitchen!

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This is how you can create more storage space in your kitchen with Drönjöns

Our organization hack with Drönjöns doesn't require a lot of materials, except for the IKEA product itself. Depending on the color of your kitchen wall cabinets, you can use the white or black version of the magazine rack. I've already received both For €9.99 at your local IKEA And always in double pack. So, if your kitchen cabinets are high enough, you can do this right away Two new cleaning methods. You can see how the whole thing works over at TikTok @dekokrams:

Double-sided adhesive strips are used in the video. We recommend drilling and screwing everything in – an option that @dekokrams also recommends, so your new storage stays in place. And there you have it Perfect storage For things like tea towels or cutting boards that you need regularly.

You can see how you can make a little extra money using old IKEA furniture in our video:

If you're in the mood for more DIY ideas, we've got the article for that too. You are looking for new ideas for Customized tricks for you in the bedroom Can it be implemented? Then you should definitely take a look at our photo gallery.

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