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This is how you activate the new feature

This is how you activate the new feature

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WhatsApp once again has a big innovation in store for its users. The messaging service has a new feature. This is about personal image.

Kassel – Changes, new functions, general updates – all this is not uncommon in WhatsApp. The popular messaging service always offers its users innovations that are sometimes obvious, but sometimes hidden. It is not always clear to WhatsApp users what advantage this innovation brings.

But mostly, WhatsApp updates promise only positive things. This also applies to the new practical function on WhatsApp. Anyone who presses longer on their profile picture benefits from this and, above all, saves time. But exactly what does that mean?

A new feature in WhatsApp: Long pressing on the profile picture saves users a lot of time

A quick look back: In the past few months, WhatsApp has repeatedly rolled out new functionality aimed at making the messaging service easier to use and making clarity more attractive to users of the messaging service. Features have been or are being worked on that are activated by long pressing the send button or by double clicking on the message.

WhatsApp success story – and constant criticism of the messaging service

The instant messaging service WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by Jan Koum and Brian Acton. Text messages, image, video and audio files, as well as location information, documents and contact details can be exchanged between two people or in larger group conversations using WhatsApp.

Online calls via WhatsApp have also been possible since the spring of 2015. A year before that, WhatsApp was acquired by Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook group. Since then, both Facebook and WhatsApp have been repeatedly targeted by data protection officials. It has faced investigations into data protection violations. In addition, the continued commercial use of WhatsApp’s private data as well as securing the privacy and informational self-determination of users has been and continues to be controversial. Meanwhile, a new function aims to ensure better protection of calls via WhatsApp.

Despite all the criticism, WhatsApp is becoming increasingly popular. The messaging service is largely credited with replacing SMS. According to one result ARD/ZDF study online from 2022 In that year alone, 82% of the German population aged 14 or older used WhatsApp.

WhatsApp also introduced the possibility of using two accounts simultaneously on one smartphone a few months ago. An innovation that has long been awaited by a large number of users who use WhatsApp primarily for professional purposes. At this point, the new functionality in the messaging service will never be activated.

It is possible to use a second WhatsApp account on a smartphone – and it can be easily set up by long pressing on the profile picture

Because opening a second account on WhatsApp is very easy using a small but nice trick. All you have to do is tap and hold on the profile picture in the messaging service. A pop-up menu opens below, which can then be used to add a second account, reports, etc And You can also easily switch between accounts by tapping on the profile picture.

Messaging service WhatsApp has another innovation in store for its users. If you tap and hold on your profile picture, you can open a second account without spending a lot of time. © Rüdiger Falk/Imago/Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/dpa/montage

In order for WhatsApp users to set up a second account with the messaging service, a second phone number is required. The smartphone to be used must also support multi-SIM or eSIM. So far, this new feature on WhatsApp is only available for Android users. Anyone who swears by iOS will still have to be patient. Another update now promises better event planning in group chats on WhatsApp – but so far only iOS users in the beta have access to it. (Han)