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This is how our editor got the much coveted tickets

This is how our editor got the much coveted tickets

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In “A Promise Is a Promise,” a father (Arnold Schwarzenegger) tries to get his son’s character — and in his desperation he nearly walks over corpses. That’s pretty much how I felt today.

The task was to get at least two, at best four tickets to Taylor Swift’s concert. My daughter is a huge fan – and it would also be the perfect birthday/Christmas gift for my daughter. The remaining two tickets will be for parents. Girls are too young to go to such an event alone. “It’s about creating memories,” my ever-clever colleague Anna Rothenfluh remarked on this occasion. How right she is. Both of them will never forget this concert. I can then write about it and charge the card as an expense. That’s the plan.


I cleared the first hurdle of my choice of pre-booking. But the organizers threatened that this in no way guarantees the purchase of a ticket. And indeed: the bid turns into a deadly race. When I actually think I’m a safe buyer, the real nail biting begins. Because one error message follows the next. And soon it will be said: there are only VIP tickets.

Video: Watson/Aya Baalbaki

In the end, it’s a simple risk-reward calculation. Clicking another 15 minutes costs me… 15 minutes. Finally, I agreed to be photographed doing it — making a fool of myself on camera. So the employer also has something from my epic.

However, the potential profit from the two girls’ delight would be gigantic. That is why you must show some ignorance and stubbornness in such cases.

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Wasps! Wasps everywhere! Even in Hollywood 😉


Wasps! Wasps everywhere! Even in Hollywood 😉

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Video: Watson

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