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AI: That’s why the Japanese love this weird Heidi

AI: That’s why the Japanese love this weird Heidi

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That is why the Japanese love this eccentric Heidi

Comedian Karby has posted an AI-generated trailer for the movie Heidi. The bizarre video has been clicked millions of times — perhaps the Japanese weren’t entirely innocent.


Karpi had an artificial intelligence device generate a fictional movie trailer, “Heidi”.

Patrick Karpiczenko

  • Swiss comedian Karby has released a trailer for the fantasy film Heidi. This was created by AI. The result is strange.

  • The video received a huge number of views on Twitter – now more than 16 million.

  • Karpi owes a large number of clicks to the Japanese, who diligently shared the post.

  • Heidi is a well-known figure in Japan. This is where the animated series Heidi was produced, and it is known to many there, as well as here in Switzerland.

Swiss comedian Patrick Karpichenko, better known as “Karby”She posted on Twitter a trailer for the popular fantasy movie “Heidi”. Swiss children’s story. He created this using the Gen-2 AI based video generator. The result is strange.

The video now has over 16 million views on Twitter, and the video has been shared out of bounds. He wasn’t expecting such success, says Karby. “I didn’t think the whole world had such a sick sense of humor as I do.”

The AI-generated clip of Heidi went viral on Twitter.

Patrick Karpiczenko

Heidi “Holy” in strange pictures

Perhaps the video went viral because everyone found something interesting in it. The comedian believes that almost half of them feel comfortable watching the video because artificial intelligence cannot create realistic animations so easily.

The other half finds the video funny and celebrates it. “It’s the ironic contrast between the innocent, nostalgic, almost sacred Heidi, and the disturbingly bizarre images that emerge from her that make people laugh.” Many people still remember the animated series.

Lots of tweets from Japanese

The video has now spread to Japan, where this “self-ironic adulation” from Switzerland is well received, he points out.

Salma Cuillas also noted this. She’s an app expert, content creator, and has dealt a lot with AI. “Above all, many Japanese people shared Karby’s video.”

The Heidi animated series comes from Japan

She attributes this to the fact that the popular animated series Heidi was produced there. It is still broadcast regularly on Japanese TV and gets great ratings.

Heidi’s trailer reflects many of the ideas non-Swiss have about our country. “The fat cow and the grassy landscape are symbols of the comic book world one imagines Switzerland to be and inspire people beyond borders.”

Hundreds of clips edited together

But Kuyas doesn’t just see the content as being responsible for the fact that the AI-generated video gets so many views. Artificial intelligence performs probability calculations that generate new images and ideas that we are not aware of together. “This has a wonderful effect on us on the one hand, but also disturbing on the other hand.”

Karby says he has long found working with AI exciting. “I am currently working on a TV series on the subject of artificial intelligence, where I am experimenting a lot with how AI deals with Swiss clichés.” Heidi’s trailer was also created.

AI video creation still works well. “There are still many errors that seem fantastical and sometimes even annoying to us.” He generated hundreds of these clips for the Heidi trailer and then edited them together.

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