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Third defeat in a row for SCB – ZSC surrender victory

Third defeat in a row for SCB – ZSC surrender victory

The decisive moment: From the first round, Simon Le Coulter shot the puck past Bern to make it 3-2 in favor of Servette.Image: Cornerstone

Bern lost three in a row for the first time this season. Friborg Goteron currently sits alone at the top of the National League.

October 14, 2023, 5:15 p.mOctober 14, 2023, 9:24 pm

Bern – Geneva 2:3 N.F.

SC Bern’s players have proven to be truly ‘unsung’ these days. On Friday, they trailed after just 25 seconds in a 5-2 defeat in Lugano, and a day later at home to champions Geneva Servette, they conceded 0-1 after just twelve seconds thanks to Valtteri Filppula – the first goal of the match. Current tournament. Simon Moser did not equalize until three minutes before the end, making the score 2-2. Simon Le Coulter scored his first extra-time goal in extra time and ensured SCB’s third straight loss for the first time this season.

Bern – Geneva Servette 2:3 (0:2, 0:0, 2:0, 0:1) next
15,322 spectators. SR Lemelin (USA)/Öhlund (Sweden), Urfer/Steenstra (CAN).
Portals: 1. (0:12) Filbula (Prablan) 0:1. 13. Hartikainen (Manninen/power play goal) 0:2. 41. (40:19) Al-Faris (Kahun) 1:2. 58. Moser (Knight, Kahun) 2: 2. 63. Le Coulter (Prablan) 2: 3.
punish: Once and two minutes against Bern, twice and two minutes against Geneva Servette.
PostFinance Top Scorer: priest; Vatanin.
Bern: Redburn; Honka, Nemeth; spoon, circle; Untersander, Vollmann; Mile; scrub, knight, kahun; Lehmann, Baumgartner, Shiroy; Vermin, badr, moser; Armor, Ritzmann, Ft.
Geneva-Servette: Mayer. Vatanen, Bernie; Jacquemet, Linstrom; Lou Coulter, Shanton; Fulmin, construction worker; Praplan, Filipula, Winnick; Joris, Manninen, Ruud; Hartikainen, Richard, Beaulieu; Miranda, Millard, Berthon.
comments: Berne is without Faherne, Bachaud, Savior, Zgrajn (all injured) and Luoto (foreigner overnumbered), Geneva Servette without Bertagia (suspended), Cavalieri, Carrier (both injured) and Haapala (foreigner overnumbered).

Rapperswil-Jona – Freiburg 2:4

Leader Friborg Goteron is currently unstoppable. With a 4-2 victory over Rapperswil-Jona Lakers, the team of coach and sporting director Christian Dube achieved its eighth consecutive victory. Swede Marcus Sorensen scored his ninth and tenth goals of the season to make it 3-1 and 4-2, while No. 2 Brian Roger made 29 saves, some of them difficult.

Freiburg celebrates a goal after 0:1 by Goteron's Jacob de la Rose, second from right, during the National League championship match between SC Rapperswil Jonah Lakers and HC Freiburg Goteron, in...

The “Dragon” can celebrate for the eighth time in a row.Image: Cornerstone

Rapperswil-Jona Lakers – Freiburg Goteron 2:4 (0:0, 0:2, 2:2)4
835 spectators. SR Stolc (SVK)/Urban (AUT), Wolf/Meusy.
Portals: 23. De La Rose (Di Domenico, Borgmann) 0:1. 30. Sprunger (Borgmann) 0:2. 44. (44:00) Moy (Cervenka, Jensen/Powerplayer) 1:2. 46. ​​(45:09) Sørensen (Dovner, Marchon) 1:3. 56. Djosi 2: 3. 60. (59:19) Sørensen (Marshon, Borgman) 2:4 (into an empty goal).
punish: 2 times and 2 minutes against Rapperswil-Jona Lakers, 4 times and 2 minutes against Freiburg-Gotteron.
PostFinance Top Scorer: Moi. Sorensen.
Rapperswil-Jona Lakers: Nevler. Ibescher, Deussie. Nuru, Gerber. Fuardo. Paragano, Mayer; moi, weather, sheep; Jensen, Schroeder, Cervenka; Sanger, Kajka, Connolly; Wick, thin, furier. moss.
Fribourg-Gotieron: Roger. Gunderson, Jecker. Diaz, Borgman. Seiler, Duffner. Sprinkles. Bertschi, De La Rose, Di Domenico; Spenger, Schmid, Peikoff; Binyas, Walser, Jörg; Sorensen, Wallmark, Marshon; Mite insect.
comments: Rapperswil-Jona Lakers without Albrecht, Rask and Table (all injured), Freiburg-Gouteron without Sutter (injured). Rapperswil-Jona Lakers from 58:31 to 59:19 without a goalkeeper.

Flag of the nation
  • 7

    A leader who can decide the game and make his team better on and off the ice.

  • 6-7

    A player with such great talent that on a good evening he can decide the game and be a leader.

  • 5-6

    Good Premier League Player: Often as talented as iridescent butterflies, sometimes hard workers who take great advantage of their talents.

  • 4-5

    Third or fourth block player, veteran or newcomer.

  • 3-4

    The future is still ahead of you or the future is already behind you.

  • The rating is North American hockey’s grading scale, which ranges from 1 (minimum) to 7 (maximum). There are no scores below 3, because those who play in the Premier League are at least barely enough.

Langenau – Lugano 0:8

Logano, previously unconvincing, enjoyed a six-point weekend. After a 5-2 win over Bern, young coach Luca Giannazzi’s side cruised to an 8-0 win over the SCL Tigers at the Shooting Festival. The Emmentalers came back down to earth after three straight wins, and as happened on Friday in Zurich (0:3), the Emmentalers remained without a goal. They have only lost twice in the National League.

Tigers goaltender Luca Bolchauser, right, is beaten by Lugano Postfinance's top scorer Calvin Theuerkauf, to make the score 0:4, during the National League ice hockey playoffs between the SCL Tigers and H...

A bitter evening: Langenau goalkeeper Luca Bolchauser.Image: Cornerstone

SCL Tigers – Lugano 0:8 (0:1, 0:4, 0:3)
5529 spectators. S. R. Hungerbuhler/Heppesen, Stalder/Doc.
Portals: 19. Jolly (Carr, Thurkov) 0:1. 28. (27:15) Carr (Thorkov, Jolly) 0:2. 28. (27:53) Thurkov (Carr, Wolff) 0:3. 33. (32:27) Julie (Arcobello/Powerplayer) 0:4. 34. (33:30) Granlund (Rutsalainen) 0:5. 44. Alatalo (Verbon, Jolly/Powerplayer) 0:6. 51. Thorkauf (Arcobello, Jolly/Powerplayer) 0:7. 54. Gonskis (Laleggia, Fazzini) 0:8.
punish: 8 times 2 plus 5 minutes (Berger) plus playing time (Berger) against SCL Tigers, 6 times 2 plus 5 minutes (CAR) plus playing time (CAR) against Lugano.
PostFinance Top Scorer: Sarila. Thorkov.
SCL Tigers: Boltzhauser. Zuraid, Ricola; Sarijarvi, Ernie; Mayer, Guggenheim; Cadonau. Julian Dirt, Flavio Dirt, Sarella; Minalanen, Malone, Pesonen; Rohrbach, Dem, Lapinskis; Berger, Salzgeber, Petrini; Whipple.
Lugano: Schlegel. Wolff, Mirko Muller; Peltonen, Laligia; Local Army, Altalo; Snellman. Jolly, Thurkov, Carr; Marco Zanetti, Rutsalainen, Granlund; Fazzini, Arcopello, Johnskis; Walker, Morini, Verbonne; Tanner.
comments: The SCL Tigers are without Lewis, Rossi, Schilt (all injured) and Brian Zanetti (ill), Logano is without Canonica, Cormier, Guerra, Marco Muller (all injured), Anderson, Koskinen and Patry (all ill).

Cloton – Davos 3:2 n.f.

EHC Kloten returned to victory over HC Davos thanks to its Finnish team. Nikko Ugamaki and Miro Aaltonen equalized Graubünden’s lead twice, with Aaltonen getting the extra point for the Zurich Underlanders two and a half minutes into extra time.

EHC Kloten Stuermer Miro Aaltonen (#15) celebrates his goal to make it 3-2 in overtime with defenseman Lukas Eckstahl Jonsson (#67) and Jonathan Ang, left, during an ice hockey championship game...

Big celebration in extra time: Kloten beats Davos.Image: Cornerstone

Kloten – Davos 3:2 (0:1, 1:0, 1:1, 1:0)
6221 spectators. S. R. Pechacek (Germany)/Cherig, Ghanimi/Altmann.
Portals: 10. Dalbec (Dominic Egli) 0:1. 40. (39:55) Ugamaki (Aaltonen) 1:1. 45. Jurko (Nussbaumer, Nakiva/Powerplayer) 1:2. 50. Aaltonen 2: 2. 63. Aaltonen 3: 2.
punish: 2 times and 2 minutes against Kloten, 5 times and 2 minutes against Davos.
PostFinance Top Scorer: Simic; Nordstrom.
Balls: Mitsola. Eckstahl Johnson, Steve Kellenberger; Profico, Henor; Satrick, Steiner; Nodary; Ujamaki, Aaltonen, Meyer; Simic, Diem, Derong; Ang, Lindemann, Mark Marchon; Losley, Obrist, Joel Marchon; Writer.
Davos: sen; Dominic Egli, Dalbec; Nakiva, Young; Fora, Barandon; Minder, Heinen; Stransky, Korvi, Knak; Gurco, Nordstrom, Nussbaumer; Ampol, Rasmussen, Frener; Phaser, Brassel, Hammerer.
comments: Kloten is without Morley, Rammel, Reinbacher and Zurkirchen (all injured), Davos is without Chris Egli, Schneeberger (both injured), Breistedt (foreign redundant) and Peltonen (suspended).

Ambre – Zurich 4:3 am

The ZSC Lions gave up what was thought to be a certain victory at Ambri-Piotta. In the last three minutes, Michael Spacek came back from a two-goal deficit with a brace, making the score 3-3 four seconds before the end. In extra time, Tim Head made the Leventini team’s happiness absolutely perfect. Zurich missed Sven Andrighetto’s first goal in the second match after a long-term wrist injury.

Embry Biota – ZSC Lions 4:3 (1:1, 0:1, 2:1, 1:0) Nevada
6775 spectators. S. R. Vigand/Horlimann, Cattaneo/Schlegel.
Portals: 7. Kokan (Redy) 0:1. 12. Lilja (Virtanen, Head/Powerplayer) 1:1. 23. Malgin 1: 2. 43. Andrigeto (Kokan, Freudin/Powerplayer) 1:3. 58. Spacek (Heed/Powerplaytor) 2:3. 60. (59:56) Spacek (Dauphine) 3:3 (without goalkeeper). 62. Pay attention (Space) 4:3.
punish: 3 times 2 plus 5 minutes (Eigenberger) plus playing time (Eigenberger) vs. Embry Biotta, 5 times 2 minutes vs. ZSC Lions.
PostFinance Top Scorer: Nightly. Froden.
Ambry Beauta: Kunz. Watch out Zaccio Dotti; Virtanen, Pezzullo; Fuhrler, Tyranio; Wuthrich. Bestoni, Spacek, Lilja; Burgler, Heim, Knoebuehler; Dwarf, Dauphin, Formenton; Gracie, Costner, Eggenberger; Douai.
Black ZSC: Your escape. Troutman, Marty; Weber, Lehtonen. Kukan, Gering; Zehnder, Phil Baltisberger; Froden, Lamico, Holenstein; Chris Baltesberger, Malgin, Balsers; Rohrer, Grant, Andrighetto; Reedy, Siegrist, Shabby.
comments: Embry Biotta is without Isako Dutti (injured) and Juvonen (excess foreigner). Embry Biotta from 58:36 to 59:56 without a goalkeeper.

Zog-Khoya 7:2

As expected, bottom team Ajoie had no chance in Zug after an even start in third place (7:2). Since the Jurassicists rose again, they only won the first match against Zug and have lost seven times without winning a point since then. The series of unsuccessful matches in this year’s tournament increased to eight matches.

The Zugers with Gregory Hoffman, left, and Mark Michaelis, right, celebrate the goal that made it 6-0 in the NHL championship game between EV Zug and HC Ajoie on Saturday, Oct. 14...

The Zugers team around Gregory Hoffman and Mark Michaelis (R) inflicted the 10th defeat on Agui in the 12th game of the season.Image: Cornerstone

Train – Ajoy 7:2 (0:0, 4:0, 3:2)
6885 spectators. S.R. Borja/Mollard, Gurtner/France.
Portals: 22. Gesser (Marchini, Bengtsson) 1:0. 24. Michaelmas (Hoffman) 2:0. 30. (29:11) Wingerli (Marchini, Leon Muggli) 3:0. 30. (29:45) Hoffmann (O’Neill, Michaelis) 4:0. 42. Sentellier (Herzog/short goal!) 5:0. 47. (46:05) Michaelis (O’Neill) 6:0. 47. (46:22) Asselin (Odette) 6: 1. 50. Odette (Short goal!) 6:2. 59. Herzog (big/short goal!) 7:2.
punish: 4 times and 2 minutes against Zug, and 5 times and 2 minutes against Ajoy.
PostFinance Top Scorer: Kovar. Hazen.
Train: Holenstein. Bengtsson, Gesser. Hanson, Leon Muggli; Smurf, Gross; Stadler. Marchini, Kovar, Fingerli; O’Neill, Michaelis, Hoffman; Rubin, Centler, Duke; Simon, Leuenberger, Piasca; Allensbach.
aerial: wolf; Fay, Brennan. Bierbaum, Scheidegger; Thierry, fisherman; Boyle. Hazen, DeVos, Kohler; Asselin, Frossard, Odette; romaninghi, gaultier, dirt; Garisus, Rundqvist, Arnold; Hopper.
comments: Zug without Riva (injured), Agui without Bozon, Belet, Ciarone (all injured) and Gelinas (suspended). (NI/DAP)