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‘They had to pick me up off the floor’: Adele collapses in pain at a concert in Las Vegas

‘They had to pick me up off the floor’: Adele collapses in pain at a concert in Las Vegas

Adele, here at the 2022 Brit Awards, has a great voice and a bad back.

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Adele fights with her back. And as the singer revealed during a show, she recently collapsed backstage during a show in pain.

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  • Adele suffers from severe pain in sciatica, as she said at a concert in Las Vegas.
  • Previously, she collapsed in pain backstage at another show.
  • Adele also had to sit in between the show as she was telling the story.

Adele suffers. She made it clear to her audience in Las Vegas over the weekend.

The reason: The star suffers from hip pain. Adele has already had to deal with several herniated discs, often with back pain so severe that she can’t even stand up.

It is very difficult for her out loud “the sun” At a concert last week, she also revealed her demo between two songs. Suddenly, she could no longer move behind the scenes, and a member of her team found her on the floor.

Adele needs relief from ‘sciatica’

“They had to lift my whole body,” Adele said. Even during the performance where she told this anecdote, she had to sit. “I need sciatica relief.”

The sciatic nerve is the longest and thickest nerve in the human body. It reaches the buttocks on both legs, then to the back of the thighs to the back of the knees. If it hurts, then almost the whole body hurts.

Adele suffered from back pain for a long time. She had her first herniated disc when she was 15 and will return in 2021. “the face” He said, “I lay on the bed, had to sneeze, and my fifth tablet came out.” At the time of the interview, she had already suffered six herniated discs: “I’ve had back pain for half my life. It just keeps flaring up.”

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