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Back in GZSZ: The fan favorite spoils the hot change

Back in GZSZ: The fan favorite spoils the hot change

GZSZ’s permanent staff aren’t automatically seen every evening in the Daily Newspaper, after all, there is still life outside of Kohli. Actress Olivia Marie, for example, just completed baby leave. Now the new mom of two is back on set and has revealed how her character, cop Toni Ahrens, will continue to play.

Good Times, Bad Times (GZSZ)

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On October 22, 2022, Olivia Marie gave birth to a boy for the second time. The actress has spent the past few months traveling with her family of four, including in Thailand, as she revealed in an interview with RTL (via press release). She’s now back on set and back in her role as Tony Ahrens.

In “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” Tony’s absence is explained by a longer stay in New York, where the police officer has taken a position with Interpol. However, her relationship with Eric did not last, also because Eric could not and could not get rid of his criminal energy in this way. With Tony’s return, is there a new chance for “Ernie,” as his fans call the ex-couple?

Olivia Marie is now making two ads. She wishes her character could come to terms with the fact that Eric is no longer by her side and mentions “a souvenir from the United States of America, which you won’t be able to get rid of anytime soon”. It looks more like new obstacles than a return to love.

While working on “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” things exploded in real life, as you can see in this video:

Who or what is Tony’s souvenir?

The fact that Tony has to come to terms with the fact that Eric is no longer by her side could suggest that the new beginning of their relationship may fail in the first place because of him, but of course the mention of the ill-fated “memento” is much more exciting. Of course, this could be almost anything. The policewoman could have found a new love during her stay in the States, which she has now followed to Berlin, or of course she could also have been pregnant.

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We’ll likely find out what “memento” is and how it affects the relationship with Eric in October, when the just-filmed episodes air. You can find out what’s happening in the Daily until then, as always, Monday through Friday at 7:40 p.m. RTL and at our website. GZSZ Preview. You can check how well you know your way around the daily newspaper with the test:

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