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These stars are coming to Zurich Pop Con this weekend

These stars are coming to Zurich Pop Con this weekend

Popular Culture Festival

You can meet these movie stars this weekend at Zurich Pop Con

Over the next few days, Messe Zurich will once again be entirely owned by cosplayers, fantasy and gaming enthusiasts from all over Switzerland. Zurich Pop Con has a lot of stardom to offer this year.


Cosplay, games, movies, arts and stars – Zurich Pop Con will take place on September 30 and October 1.

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  • Zurich PopCon will take place on September 30 and October 1.

  • The event is all about cosplay, gaming, movies, and art.

  • The Popular Culture Festival presents various lectures and discussions with stars on five stages.

  • This includes actors and voice actors from The Walking Dead and Marvel series.

We believe that the Swiss Autumn will see many major events in Zurich The Zurich Film Festival is currently being held. Another highlight for film culture enthusiasts is the Zurich PopCon, which takes place on the weekend of September 30th to October 1st. But fans don’t show up there in fancy suits or dresses; But more often in cosplay. Fantasy characters such as Darth Vader, Lara Croft and Disney princesses can be found in the flesh at such popular culture festivals. Here you can find out the highlights of the program and the stars who will be there.

Main stage

If you want to experience the actors or voice actors of your favorite series, movies, and games in real life, you should definitely stop by the Main Theater. Stars from “The Walking Dead,” “Marvel’s Iron Fist,” and “Final Fantasy.” They report on their daily lives on set or in the studio. Additionally, cosplayers will compete for first place in Saturday’s big cosplay competition on the main stage.

There is also German actress Nadia Hilker, who plays Magna in the movie The Walking Dead, and is one of the main characters in the most famous zombie series in the world. Finn Jones, who made a name for himself in the Marvel universe as Iron Fist, will also talk about the story. “Fans also have the opportunity to meet their idols in person. At the festival, stars make time for their fans,” says Anouk Brunner, media spokesperson for Zurich PopCon.

Games and community stage

Popular social media influencers and YouTubers, such as Domtendo, aSmoogl, Vlesk, iBlali and Cengiz, have millions of followers and are present on the site alongside Swiss content creators. Fans can find it in the gaming platform and community. In addition to entertainment, there are also more serious topics at this stage, such as specialized panels on the new Swiss youth protection law, games in classrooms, artificial intelligence in art, and microtransactions in games.

Sports and movement area

If you are still not tired enough after running, you have the opportunity to engage in more active activities in the sports and movement area. On the martial arts stage, Swiss athletes will introduce festival visitors to martial arts such as karate, escrimador, kendo and ki-aikido. She also practices show sports from the United States of America in the wrestling ring.

Here you will find The entire program And all those present Stars and influencers.

At Fantasy Basel 2023 we distributed goodies to costumed visitors. This is what came out of it.

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