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These are the least popular zodiac signs when dating

These are the least popular zodiac signs when dating

Many people believe that partners with matching zodiac signs are generally happier together than others.

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Love and astrology are a topic that divides opinions. according to Scan by Parship, Germany's leading online partner agency Nearly one in four Germans (23 percent) firmly believe that zodiac signs have an influence on partner choice and relationship quality. One zodiac sign performed particularly poorly in this survey.

Women seem to be more convinced of this connection than men. While 27% of women believe in the power of stars, only 19% of men do. Interestingly, single people (28 percent) have more confidence in your horoscope than people in a relationship (21 percent).

The survey also found Which zodiac signs are the least popular when choosing a partner We are. For those women who believe in the influence of stars Scorpions The undisputed bottom (13 percent). Women are also avoided twins (13 percent) and the black (12 percent).

On the other hand, men give Capricorn women a wide berth (11 percent). Aries, Virgo and Pisces are also in lower demand, with only 9 percent of each able to imagine a relationship with them.

Overall, 54% of Germans believe in zodiac signs and their influence on personality. Women (40 percent) take horoscopes more seriously than men (22 percent).

Whether you believe in star power or not, astrology remains a fascinating subject. But ultimately, the true magic of a relationship lies in the feelings and connection between you and your partner – regardless of the stars.

Something important at the end:

Astrology should not be viewed as an established and irrefutable fact. The information is for entertainment purposes and it is up to the reader whether he believes in astrology or not.

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