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Carmen Jess fires at Dieter Bohlin: “I hate this kid”

Carmen Jess fires at Dieter Bohlin: “I hate this kid”

Carmen Guess has no kind words for Dieter Bohlin – and feels Katja Krasavić's support.

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At the beginning of the “Die Geissens” season, Carmen Geiss had harsh words for Dieter Bohlen. In a conversation with rapper Katja Krasavić, she called the pop giant a “boy.”

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  • “Jason's family” They are starting a new season.
  • Carmen and Robert Jess visit the Internet Marketing Festival in Hamburg – and meet rapper Katja Krasavić.
  • The two women also immediately find a common denominator: their hatred of Dieter Bohlen.

Carmen (59) and Robert Jess (59) have been giving insight into their private lives for more than a dozen years. This week the new season “The Geissens – a terrible glamorous Family” premieres on the RTL2 TV channel.

The couple visits the OMR Festival in Hamburg, an online marketing trade fair. Among the 70,000 guests are influential people, businessmen and various celebrities. As well as the Gesens family and their daughters Davina (20 years old) and Shania (19 years old).

Carmen Jess meets her “soul sister” Katja Krasavić (27 years old). Mama Jess has loved the German rapper and influencer for a long time. That's why she really wanted to meet her in person – also because of her commitment to the power of women.

Carmen Jess: “Finally someone with balls in their pants”

But in addition to female empowerment, the duo Jess and Krasavici have something else in common: “There's someone we don't like very much,” says Carmen Jess.

Without mentioning the name, it quickly becomes clear: it is pop giant Dieter Bohlin (69).

Krasavić and Bohlin quarreled in the final season of “Germany Searches for a Star.” The rapper was upset by the tone Bohlen used towards candidate Jill Lange (23).

Carmen Jess was happy with the way Krasavić defended himself against the pop giant: “Finally someone with balls in his pants. Thanks! Among Us: Great!” She praised. He added: “I hate this kid!”

At least Bohlen is calm now, smiles the 27-year-old. The goat girls were also impressed by Krassavis: “What a beautiful person!”

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September 29, 2023