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“There is a place for everyone in the church” -

“There is a place for everyone in the church” –

The new Bishop of Khor gave a written interview on the platform. He criticizes the separation of the Cathedral of Khor. It also contradicts the view that conservative Catholics are marginalized: “There is room for everyone in the church.”

Raphael Rauch

Separated creek divided cathedral. In November, a group triumphed over the former Attorney General Martin Grichting, who prevented the election of a new bishop. Joseph Bonmen, later appointed by Pope Francis, was also running for election.

In the cathedral chapter, the bishop ignores the “features of the synod”

in writing An interview with the very conservative platform Joseph Bonmin criticizes the separation of the cathedral: “The collegial approach requires a common time for reflection. And this is always in union with the universal Church, which means taking a decision to unite with the Pope. The decision to separate the cathedral was taken not to make a decision very quickly, without all these collegial features. “

These laws annulled the election of bishops.

The Bishop of Khor contrasts with the assessment that people are marginalized in Switzerland who, according to, “simply want to be Catholics and they want to be faithful to the teachings of the Church.” Instead, Joseph Bonmin asserts: “Loyalty is understood and lived in very different ways. No one should be marginalized, there is room for everyone in the church. We are a colorful, Catholic and diverse family in which everyone should be valued, supported and loved.”

Do not disappoint the designated person

When asked about the blessing of gays and lesbians and the banning of the Faith Congregation, Joseph Bonmin writes: “Pastoral decisions are always very demanding. It should not be pursued cheaply and only on the basis of criteria, then you can let the designated person down. “

For example, the bishop tells about a man who lives with his friend. The bishop captured: “We hadn’t had anything sexual in years. My friend is suffering from severe depression. If you leave him, he will give up. I am not allowed to do that! ‘Who would not bless such a situation?’ Joseph Bonmin writes.

A company for reformers?

In his episcopal ordination, Joseph Bonmin also gave sacrifice to the highest Reformed Swiss church, Rita Famus. “The interview is not the place to comment,” says the bishop of Khor – and affirms that he adheres to canon law.

Joseph Bonmen also makes the sacrament to the highest Reformed Church in Switzerland: EKS President Rita Vamos.

A former Lutheran, of all people, criticized the bishop’s ecumenical gesture in comment columns at “How would you hope? I have no words and can feel hopeless, ”Wolfgang Chuchki wrote. It’s about a convert from the Lutheran Church who is now a retired Catholic pastor in Bamberg Diocese – who is distancing himself from his ecumenical brothers.

User complains: “Intolerable talk of individual cases”

Another user complains: “Episcopal statements in the interview are simply unacceptable, especially when it comes to blessing same-sex relationships and communicating with people of different religions. Constant talk about individual cases … is unbearable.”